Jon Kruithof
May 1 · 1 min read
Some of the records purchased in Japan.

The podcast this month was delayed once again due to illness. Some think that me being quiet for a bit was something that was wished… alas it wasn’t permanent. Click here: to get it direct, or find it on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher or Spotify.

Death Side- Deathside/Mirror/Cut The Throat

Forward —Change The Dimension

Insane Youth — Burn Up

Warhead — The Lost Self And Beating Heart/月下

Lip Cream — Kill Ugly Pop!!

Gastunk — Warbird

Friction — Crazy Dream

Order — Imitated Human

Life — Don’t Ask me Why

Veihaiz — Powerlift

Origin of M — Unknown Soldier

Gendo Missile — 悪魔の警告

Final Count — Imitate a Human

赤— Dara Dara Dara

解剖室— 夜ニ狂ヘ

Evance — Find A Lie Out

Knuckle Head — 軋轢

Groaning Groove — Nihilist

C — Anti Fascists

Malimpliki — Anti Nuklea

悲鳴— トラウマ

Eiefits — Human Error

猿芝居— 痛覚応答ナシ (

These were mostly selected from what I bought in Japan through Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto. Questions about Japan that you think a tourist can answer? Let me know in the comments, or on Twitter, or via e-mail.

That’s it. Go vote on the HC82 March Madness on Twitter.

General Admission

Music. Exploring under-recognized genres, albums and songs.

Jon Kruithof

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General Admission

Music. Exploring under-recognized genres, albums and songs.

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