With the successful release of smart contracts now in Cardano’s rearview mirror. İt’s time to look towards what will happen next for the project.

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I seriously can’t believe a generation with more tools than any in history is stooping to such low brow things because they are “bored”

  • Attacking Gen Z’ers for wanting to have a voice.
  • Attacking the TikTok app.
  • Attacking teachers.
  • Attacking education staff, administrators, and leadership…

So, Which One To Get? You Need At Least How Many of Each?



There are many dApps are active and waiting for unveil on Cardano, but which are best to invest in earler.

Evidence-based studies show it can make or break a relationship

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NFTs and their ecosystem insanely grow day by day. So, don’t miss out on the train and get in.

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General Knowledge

Write for whatever you want and whatever you know.

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