What We’re Working On This Semester

TrailTag by Opentrail Technologies: We are excited to join Dan Anadio, Lindsay Majno, and Bill Cullen as we take the next step in turning their idea into a full fledged product. TrailTag is a personal location device that can be used for an array of applications, from finding a dog in the neighborhood, to guiding search and rescue operations for missing hikers in the mountains. We will develop a works-like prototype to explore functionality of the device and ensure required features and specifications are possible and feasible.

SizeU: Ever had a problem with finding the perfectly fitting article of clothing? Well… this idea is about to change your shopping experience ! Generate will join Katie Wilhoit and Shuya Gong in crafting a new language around sizing through technology in a way that has never been seen before. By using an IoT enables measuring device, SizeU will enable individuals to precisely measure their size from their home in a simple and easy way. We will develop the minimum viable product (MVP) that will allow for initial data to be measured, recorded, and externally-processed to test how a user will measure and benefit from these data points.

Evergreens: Alongside Ahmad Zameli, we will be perfecting urban growing through utilizing aeroponics systems to facilitate and accelerate plant growth. This will be used to grow food for commercial wholesale markets in the Middle East. Generate will be assisting with the mechanical design of an individual pod, the design of sensor integration for data collection, and the design of infrastructure to contain pods to most efficiently produce vegetation in these aeroponic environments.

In addition to the awesome projects we will be working on, Generate will be continuing our Speaker Series! This semester we are so excited to have Chris Quintero from Bolt VC join us to share his experience in the world of start-ups and product development, Chet Kanojia from Starry discussing his road to disrupting the high speed internet industry, and more! Check out the Generate Facebook Page for all the details throughout the semester.

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