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11 Nuclear Energy Wins to Give Thanks for This Year

Looking for reasons to be cheerful? There are plenty…

1. Byron, Dresden, and Braidwood: SAVED (US)

Our commemorative artwork in support of saving the plants. (Asti Ramdani). Purchase merch here.

2. Nuclear Energy in the Regulated Asset Base (UK)

Graph of price paid per MWh (1 MWh = 1000 kWh) for power generated — interest on the financing makes up largest cost

3. US Infrastructure Bill Allocating $6B for Existing Nuclear, $2.5B for Advanced Reactors

President Joe Biden signs 2021 Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act into law- allocating $6 billion for nuclear energy

4. EU Push to Include Nuclear Energy in Taxonomy for Sustainable Investment

5. TerraPower to Build Natrium at Former Coal Facility in Wyoming

Natrium plant design for Kemmerer, Wyoming- projected to be finished by 2028

6. Over 1,000 Signatures Requesting Sierra Club Revisit its Stance on Nuclear Energy

7. United Nations — ECE Names Nuclear Energy as THE Most Sustainable Energy Source

UNECE report names nuclear as lowest carbon emissions, land use, and mining/metal use

8. Lifespan of Nuclear Energy Plants Extended to 80 years — Possibly 100

9. Record Nuclear Support at #COP26

Nuclear for Climate advocates pose outside COP26 convention center (Photo: Alys Gardner)

10. Polls Show Increased Support for Nuclear (US)

ecoAmerica, 2021

11. New Nuclear Builds!

Cherenkov glow, via GIPHY



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