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Here’s What Happens if You Replace Nuclear with Onshore Wind or Solar.

Thrashing out the sums — land use for different energy forms

The enigmatic bittern makes its home alongside Sizewell B at the RSPB Minsmere reserve (Credit: Airwolfhound)
Comparison of land area required to produce the same amount of energy per year as Sizewell B (0.2 sq km) using solar panels (939 sq km).
…or onshore wind turbines (1795 sq km).
For reference, the green line drawn over the sea is 10km long. Sizewell B is located at the tip of the red arrow and yellow marker, and is so small it is not visible in the images. Full calculation provided at the bottom of this page.

How did I come up with the numbers?



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David de Caires Watson

Nuclear futurist, chartered physicist, safety engineer, amateur birder and pedal power enthusiast. Writer for The Kernel mag. Founder of Atomic Trends.