Nuclear Power

How I Launched A Nuclear Dream Factory

I started atomic_trends to explore what nuclear power will do for humanity in the coming decades. Here’s how it’s gone so far.

David de Caires Watson
The Kernel
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3 min readNov 11, 2020


A few months back, I wrote that the old dreams about nuclear power are dead, and it is time to make some new ones. I expanded on this idea in a YouTube video called Imagineering an Atomic Future.

Not happy with that, I started working on a Pinterest board, searching for positive, forward-looking imagery to represent nuclear power in the 21st century. I collected images around a range of themes such as Electric Dreams, Temples of Modernity, The City Never Sleeps, Power of the Gods, and Tomorrow, Today.

“But I don’t see how your board is about nuclear,” people said.

“That’s the problem,” I replied.

My Pinterest board was where I gathered ideas and inspiration for atomic_trends

Pinterest is great for inspiration, but it only gets you so far. It’s never more than a collection of other people’s work. I had to go beyond that. I had to show people what I saw in these images that they couldn’t.

And so atomic trends was born. atomic_trends’ mission is to birth those new dreams that nuclear so badly needs, and to be a first step on the journey to making them a reality. You might say atomic_trends is a kind of nuclear dream factory.

I can’t say exactly what I’ll explore, but some likely themes will be: climate, rewilding, futurism, human development, space exploration, equality, clean air, justice, abundance, energy access, ecomodernism and recycling.

You might say atomic_trends is a kind of nuclear dream factory.

If you don’t see why nuclear is important to those themes, then you’re in the right place!

It’s been a busy first couple of weeks. Below is a selection of the images I’ve shared so far in a wide format. Check out the Twitter feed for links to high-definition originals, and the captions on Instagram for the thinking behind each image.

I can’t do this on my own. This will only work if those who believe in nuclear are brave enough to share these ideas with their friends and family.

So give us a follow on Insta and Twitter, but more importantly tag and share with your friends and family!



David de Caires Watson
The Kernel

Nuclear futurist, chartered physicist, safety engineer, amateur birder and pedal power enthusiast. Writer for The Kernel mag. Founder of Atomic Trends.