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Is Clean Nuclear Power Key To Regreening The Earth?

The story of why a digital artist is creating scifi art about nuclear power ⚛

“Scifi Complex” — the piece that originally drew me to Alexey Rubakin’s work. This piece featured alongside other talented designers and scifi artists in an article I wrote exploring nuclear scifi (“Four Cool Concepts For A Nuclear Powered Future”).
Alexey Rubakin
The initial brief covered several themes.
Initial concepts for “Nuclear Revival” (Alexey Rubakin)

Alexey’s final concept depicts a future where nuclear technology is deployed to heal ecosystems ravaged by deforestation.

The final work: “Nuclear Revival”, by Alexey Rubakin. Nuclear technology is powering a reforestation and rewilding programme.

Do you want to create your own nuclear futurism art?



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David de Caires Watson

Nuclear futurist, chartered physicist, safety engineer, amateur birder and pedal power enthusiast. Writer for The Kernel mag. Founder of Atomic Trends.