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Use this Powerful Tool and Avoid Talking Twaddle about Climate.

The naked truth about the CO2 from our electricity.

  • Uses simple colour coding to grade carbon intensity by country/region. Green = low carbon, red = high carbon.
  • Accounts for imported as well as in-country generated electricity (doing otherwise may underestimate the carbon intensity of your electricity).
  • Detailed energy source breakdown per country/region, both right now and during the last 24 hours.
  • Electricity price per country/region in last 24 hours.
  • You can turn on visualisations that show live wind and solar energy potential.
  • Data is available for most industrialised nations.
Carbon intensity of the electricity sector in Europe on 26/10/2018. Green = low carbon, Red = carbon-intensive.
Whilst Germany has significant installed capacity of wind and solar it is rarely fully-utilised due to changing weather conditions.
Windy day but still only 50% of UK’s wind installed capacity generating.



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David de Caires Watson

Nuclear futurist, chartered physicist, safety engineer, amateur birder and pedal power enthusiast. Writer for The Kernel mag. Founder of Atomic Trends.