Google Goes Into WEB3.0 Business

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The WEB3.0 era, the Blockchain and Crypto era. And it’s time to seriously consider the importance of data management before the age of NFT becomes more commonplace. Blockchain technology allows data to be stored in a decentralized way, but eventually backup of the original data is required.

What are the world’s largest IT company thinking about?

Google is also eyeing WEB3.0

Google is setting up a dedicated organization for WEB3.0 to provide services for blockchain and crypto developers through the cloud platform.

In the first quarter, the CEO of Google’s parent company already said he would use blockchain technology for his business, and expressed his willingness to do his best to support related businesses.

There is already a case of a project that has developed a blockchain platform through Google Cloud Service, and Google is expected to take a clear direction on WEB3.0 technology and help related developers develop freely in Google Cloud to survive the competition with Microsoft and Amazon.

After Google and WEB3.0, NFT talent recruitment?

Google’s cloud division has also announced plans to recruit NFT-related talent, which, apart from its cloud division, is expected to enter the market through “blockchain and other next-generation distributed computing and data storage technologies.”

What’s the solution of generation?

Generation wants to solve the data part with ‘crosschain’ technology.

Crosschain is generally understood to be a technology that helps build bridges on certain large mainnets, which can be exchanged and compatible directly through those bridges.

1) Inter-protocol exchanges (swaps) can occur without complicated procedures.
2) Only data can be transferred during exchange (swap) and deposit and withdrawal between crypto.
3) It can improve the scalability of the blockchain and the increase in the number of users on various mainnets.

Cross-chain technology can essentially transfer data in a chain called A to a chain called B in a secure and reliable way. This avoids data overload and allows you to interact with users in various protocol chains.

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About Generation

Generation is Within the Web 3.0 ecosystem, GEN is developing includes NEXTERA(Metaverse), DAO, DEX, NFT Marketplace, Wallet and Portal. The Web 3.0 ecosystem which GEN pursuing, is to award rewards to the users through various activities such as L2E(Life to Earn), Staking and so on.Users create value and receive relevant reward through game, quest, advertisement, community activity and other various activities through the platform established within the ecosystem and experience the new coexistence of the connected virtual reality world and the real world.

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Generation is a metaverse integration platform based on Web3.0.

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Generation Foundation Editer

Generation Foundation Editer

Generation is a metaverse integration platform based on Web3.0.

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