Cheers To The New Insights of Being More Aware about Future Careers

Here’s to the beginning of making a productive weekend surrounding with unfamiliar faces around. //

It was all started when I spontaneously registered myself for Generation Girl’s Event: Rock Your Resume. I was not expecting anything since I was a newcomer myself who just looking for some activities to made me out of bed for the weekend. I thought it will be just another common seminar who the speaker themselves basically told you some wisdom words which you already knew about, nothing special.

But strangely, it was different.

When the first speaker, Etha Siregar — Talent Acquisition Manager of GOJEK, gave her presentation, I was drowning into her words and made me unconsciously nodding my head to every statement she said. She explained about the whole recruitment process, how applicant could grab the Talent Acquisition Team attention, and also what makes some candidates fail during their interviews. All of the main point were freshly packed and the message was so clear from the recruiter perspectives.

On the other side, the second speaker, Ajeng Sugiarti — Software Engineer also from GOJEK, she explained more into her experiences or from the applicants perspectives. Both of the speaker really highlight the main point of self value when it comes to making resume for job application. It’s okay if we’re going to apply to a very different job from our education background, as long as we took seriously to what we passionate about and actively making progress on everything related to that specific position.

During the event, there was a sudden surprise visit from the one and only, Mr. Nadiem Makarim — Founder & CEO of GOJEK. His sudden visit made the crowd felt more excited and his words really inspired everyone in the room. After more than 2 hours of enlightenment, I really felt the urge to have a personal conversation with the speaker.

You never knew that you urgently need to figure who you really are for the sake of the future, until you join this event.

At the end, I really had some new insights and I couldn’t be more grateful to attend this event at the first place. Not gonna doubt that I will be a member for the upcoming event that held by Generation Girl. Hands down to the team who made this happen! Xx.