Building Healthy Communities Youth Media Conference

Representatives from a host of youth media organizations gathered in Los Angeles this weekend for the Building Healthy Communities Youth Media Conference. Funded by The California Endowment as part of its Building Health Communities initiative, young folks from across the state took part in trainings and workshops focused on helping them learn how to better tell stories from within their own communities.

Here’s a taste of what the conference was about, as they brought young reporters together to practice working with data and understanding each other’s points of views:

Donta Jackson, a college student, observes that most of his friends pay bus fare out of their own pocket. These friends of Donta are not the only ones; According to a 2012 student survey, about half of youth in Oakland pay for their own bus fare. This means that schools either don’t pay attention or don’t show a way to help these students get to school without spending money out of their own pockets.
Jesus Dominguez gave me some insight to the county of Merced. After seeing these horrific statistics, I knew I needed to dig! Jesus gave his opinion on why there are so many undocumented Americans without a high school diploma: “Counseling isn’t enough motivation,” he said. “There are different issues that we all go through, but we don’t have people who relate to us. Therefore, they can’t truly understand what we’re going through.”

You can find more of these exchanges on the Youth Media | Building Healthy Communities event Medium page, and see the conference in action on the Twitter feed.