Why You Should Be Using A Coworking Space And Not Your Sofa

Co-working is a very recent workplace trend that more and more people are beginning to discover and take part in. It’s a creative and positive way to work, and it certainly beats taking your laptop to various coffee shops around the city and hoping you didn’t forget a charger.

Working from home however, may seem a lot more appealing than renting office space or going to a coffee shop, as it is free, safe and familiar. Why would you want to pay for a desk when you’ve got a perfectly good desk at home? Well, I can think of a few reasons…

  1. Productivity
    Although your home may be cosy and familiar, it is absolutely packed with distractions. Perhaps the dishwasher is beeping to let you know it’s finished, or your cousin calls the landline for a catch up, the possibilities for procrastination are endless. A shared office means you are free of distractions and can focus only on work, while the flexibility of a co-work space means you are free to leave whenever you want.
  2. Networking
    Something you definitely can’t achieve by working at home is increasing the size of your business and social network. Co-working provides the opportunity to constantly network with people from all areas of the business world, which could potentially lead to you coming up with new innovative ideas for your own business. You could even convince some people to join your business so as to expand and grow.
  3. Affordability
    Working from home is obviously free (if you forget about the electricity bills), but working in a co-work space is one of the most affordable ways to work as a freelancer. People that are unaware of the wonders of co-working usually pay around £1,000 a month for an office of their own in some corporate building. Here at The Generator you can rent a permanent desk from £200 a month.
  4. Convenience
    People that have set up a co-work space have considered where the office is in relation to transport, shops and food outlets. It is extremely likely that if you find a nice looking co-work space, it will also be in a very convenient part of town. Both of our Generator offices are only a 5 or 10 minute walk away from Exeter’s city centre, which for most people is a much easier journey than if they were working from home.