Announcing the Genesis Program’s Investment In Biz Bot

Juan M Alvarez
Mar 22, 2018 · 3 min read
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The Problem

The legal information available to entrepreneurs online is often far too generalized and opaque. It can be difficult to navigate web portals to find the relevant laws and regulations in a clearly-stated format. This creates a barrier to entry for entrepreneurs who want to learn about simple things like filing for incorporation without being billed hundreds of dollars an hour for attorney services.

The Founder

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Elizabeth Haynie

How’re They Doing?

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Why I Led This Deal by Juan Alvarez, Due Diligence Analyst

From the start, Biz Bot struck me as an exceptional way to empower entrepreneurs. As a student involved in the entrepreneurship ecosystem, I know that risk aversion can be a major deterrent to entrepreneurial endeavors. Biz Bot has the potential to reduce this risk aversion and encourage more entrepreneurship by assisting people with the necessary steps to establish a business which may seem daunting at first. As impressed by the idea as I was, I was even more impressed by Elizabeth’s work ethic and determination to make Biz Bot a reality. I am completely confident in her ability to lead this venture to success. I am hopeful that, sometime in the near future, Biz Bot will be every new venture’s first recourse for legal assistance with incorporation, equity agreements, intellectual property, and a variety of other needs.


Student-alumni joint venture empowering student investors…

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