Welcoming Delve Labs to the Genesis Portfolio

Juan M Alvarez
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3 min readNov 28, 2018


On behalf of Genesis, I’m proud to announce our investment in Delve Labs Inc. Delve aims to revolutionize at-home testing and preventative medicine starting with at-home strep tests.

The Problem

The options available to test for illnesses at home are currently limited and, in cases where they are available, can be quite difficult to use. At-home strep test kits require mixing reagents, throat swabs, and subjective interpretation of faint lines on a strip to determine whether the patient tests positive for the illness or not. The cumbersome process for at-home strep tests introduces multiple points of potential error and decreases the reliability of results. Patients must often be retested at a doctor’s office, incurring costs above the price of the at-home test they already paid for.

Delve Labs is determined to make these tests as easy to use as possible by creating a device that mixes reagents and provides a digital result. The person administering the test must simply collect a throat sample and insert the swab into the device to get a fast and clear digital result. The ease of use helps reduce human error, making the results more dependable. Delve also prevents the need for retesting with a telemedicine app that allows healthcare providers to view results without an in-person visit.

The Founders

Delve Labs was founded by Rustin Rassoli and Amir Razavi. This team of lifelong friends is excited to work together on something they are both passionate about. When Rustin had the idea for the strep testing device, Amir was one of the first people he shared it with and the two decided to establish this venture together.

Rustin Rassoli (Computer Science ’21) — Rustin serves as a Co-CEO of Delve Labs. Rustin has an entrepreneurial past: he has led three previous ventures that were built around software ideas. Rustin is ready to drive Delve Labs to success as they develop this device and future products to address at-home testing and preventative medicine.

Amir Razavi (Biology ’21) — Amir serves as a Co-CEO of Delve Labs. Amir has completed various internships and research positions with dentists, Houston Methodist West Hospital, and MD Anderson Cancer Center. He is excited to be pursuing this venture along with his friend Rustin and looks forward to seeing the impact they can have.

How’re They Doing?

To-date, Delve Labs has been hard at work to construct the first iterations of their hardware. Delve has been searching for engineering talent to assist with hardware development needs and has taken the firsts steps on the long journey to FDA approval. They hope to complete this process as quickly as possible to begin manufacturing and selling to consumers.

Why I Led This Deal by Juan Alvarez, Venture Partner

From our initial meeting with this team, their immense dedication and passion for this venture was evident. Throughout the due diligence process, the team continued to move quickly to refine their idea and continued to impress us with a constant stream of updates and exciting developments in their progress. A combination of an excellent team, an innovative idea, and a compelling long-term vision for this venture inspired Genesis to fund Delve Labs.