Introducing GenesisAI: a decentralized marketplace for AI services

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. Then God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness”.

This is Genesis: the biblical story of how everything began. In the beginning, God created the most important elements and beings. He gave us the basic elements that we need to survive. Now, the world has many critical problems — incurable deadly diseases, poverty and wars. Millions of people are dying from issues that could be eradicated. We need a solution — right now — or millions more will die and continue to suffer.

Artificial Intelligence is the only solution to these problems. It is the single most important element after God’s creations.

Currently, there are fundamental problems with AI that hold AI innovation back. There is no communication between AIs; there is no way for AIs to exchange data, trade services, learn from each other, or expand their own capabilities.

Furthermore, 99% of companies in need of AI services cannot get AI work done because these organizations cannot afford their own team of experts, nor do they have the technical capabilities to correctly determine from which open-source APIs to grab AI code.

The solution is: GenesisAI

GenesisAI helps companies in need of AI services connect with companies who would like to monetize their AIs. We match unused resources (in-house developed AIs and open source Github AI code) with companies in need of these resources. The connector of these two parties will unlock trillions of dollars in market value.

GenesisAI’s platform not only connects AI services with companies in need of AI technology, it also enables AIs to connect with each other, trade services, exchange data and be used together to create more complex AI. Our platform solves the most important problems in the field of AI by allowing AIs to interact and learn from each other.

GenesisAI merges Blockchain with AI to produce the first functional, decentralized marketplace for AI services. We have 4 main goals:

• To connect companies in need of AI services with companies who would like to monetize their AI technology;

• To connect different AIs with each other to improve their capabilities, which may eventually lead to a humanoid master-mind: Artificial General Intelligence;

• To confront the current system of AI oligopolies, where only a handful of large corporations own and operate AIs, thereby improving the accessibility of AI for smaller companies or individuals such as researchers.

• To create a benevolent AI, whose sole goal will be to benefit sentient beings, to make the power of AI available to everyone and to minimize the risk of emergence of the evil Artificial General Intelligence.

We have gathered a team of recognized experts, thought-leaders, and entrepreneurs to solve foundational problems in the field of AI.

It’s time to take back the reigns from large oligopolies who currently control the vast majority of AIs. The time has come to provide a decentralized solution in order to make AI better and accessible to all. This is the chance for us to change the world together.

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