Everyone is OK, Thanks for Asking

Amidst the tragedy and chaos in Turkey these days — first a bombing in Ankara, and then another in Istanbul — many have reached out to see if my family is ok. Earlier this week, I checked in with my mother in NYC.

Mom: “Your aunt and uncle are fine… well, except they miss you. In fact, they are visiting in May. You’ll fly out to the east coast to see them?”

Me: “Oh… yes, sure, I’ll come.”

Mom: “Great. They will love it. You don’t visit Turkey too often these last few years…”

Me: “I know, I know... It’s just expensive, and so far from California. But wait, so they’re ok? Are they shook up?”

Mom: “Yes. It’s a terrible tragedy. Your aunt keeps cleaning, maybe to take her mind off things. But it’s making your uncle feel bad, for not helping…”


Mom: “…so he asked her to wait to until he’s left the room to clean, so he doesn’t feel so guilty.”

Me: “Hah! Sounds like they’re doing ok.”

Mom: “Yes. Everyone is ok. Thanks for asking.”

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