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2 Weeks of GiaB

Jay Squires
Feb 28 · 3 min read

Genius in a Bottle’s fortnightly list of published pieces

Well, we’ve completed February with a burgeoning readership. 2020’s year-end celebrations are definitely behind us and the re-starting of the motor has now transitioned to seamless operation. readership is up and the submissions are potent with the creative energy of rested minds.

Please enjoy GiaB’s published works below. Where possible, we would appreciate if you could read the stories, clap for them and maybe drop the writer a line to let them know your thoughts. It all helps in bringing out our best.

If you feel so inclined, GiaB would appreciate it if you could share these stories with others on social media, so these works can reach a wider audience.

Thank you to all our writers who submitted great stories and made the GiaB community what it is.

My Favorite Form of Entertainment by Tooth Truth Roopa Vikesh /Poetry
Virgin by Jayne.Press /Poetry
How to Doom a Writing Group by Amy Culberg /Nonfiction
Poet Trees by Jenine Bsharah Baines /Poetry
That’s a Wrap by Carolyn Hastings /Nonfiction
Could You Show Me a Published Example of Where That Has Been Done Before? / by Tooth Truth Roopa Vikesh / Nonfiction
The Trining, Chapter 14, by Jay Squires/fiction
Brain Fizz by Courtney Denning (she/her) /Poetry
It’s OK to Mix Time & Politics by John Levin /Fiction
Celestial Adoration by Andrea Juillerat-Olvera /Poetry
Contemplating Winter Weather In The South, by Kristie Darling/ Poetry
That Once in a Blue Moon by Ann Marie Steele /Poetry
Goodbye to E.T. by Samantha Lazar /Poetry
Dotty, Once in a Lullaby by Jim Dutton /Fiction
Blueberry and Lemon Scone by Minty Horseradish /Poetry
Shadowland by Francesca Lembregts /Fiction
One Life at a Time by Amy Culberg /Nonfiction
An Unusual Theory of Relativity Which May Break or Mend Your Heart by Caroline de Braganza / Poetry
An Extra Special Trip To The Cinema by K. Barrett /Poetry
Heroine Lost by Chloe Paulina Hawes /Poetry
The Brooch that Pins My Family Together by Carolyn Hastings / Nonfiction
The Fallen Bluejay, by Jay Squires /non-fiction
Shall We Go Out To See The Worms? by Tooth Truth Roopa Vikesh /Poetry
Nest of Roots (A Sonnet) by William J Spirdione /Poetry
Shame, My Friend by Minty Horseradish /Poetry
Grass by Janani Kehelwala /Poetry
The Two Faces of Mitch by Maxellfunlibrary /Nonfiction
Crow by Chloe Paulina Hawes /Poetry
Finding My Way Back to the Good Place, by Laura Culberg / fiction
Beware Your Eyes — the Root of the Pit by Chloe Paulina Hawes / Poetry
Facelift for Happiness by Carlos Garbiras / Fiction
Lipstick by Tara Smylie /Poetry
An American God, by Dan Lee / Fiction
19 Years of Lucy and Jim, by Svetlana Smith/Fiction
The Power Outage by AJ Krow /Fiction
Hang Out With People Who Like You, by Amy Culberg/Nonfiction
Semolina Visits the Tropics by Shaheena Chowdhury / Nonfiction
Present Day by Sydney J. Shipp /Poetry
She Excommunicated the Church by Jayne.Press /Poetry
Prayersticks by Kristie Darling /Poetry
Fire and Ice by Susannah MacKinnie / Poetry
Moon Child by Connie Song /Poetry
The Mistake, by Dan Lee /Fiction
My College Therapist, by A Simple Box of Limitless Stories /Nonfiction
The Trining, Chapter 15, by Jay Squires / Fiction
The Rockpools of Marengo Reef by Carolyn Hastings /Poetry
I Forgive You by Taylor Haught /Poetry
The Four by Francesca Lembregts /Fiction
A Peaceful Time in the Hoh Rain Forest by Megan Nicole Morgan /Poetry
Exploded, by Lennie Varvarides/Poetry
The Paper Moon by Priyanka Srivastava /Poetry
Stuck in an Hourglass by Chloe Paulina Hawes /Poetry
(un) Certainty by Dan Lee /Poetry
How Do Girls Become BadassWomen? By Laura Culberg / Nonfiction
Shake Hands, by Connie Song / Poetry
The Three Lakes of Life by T. Mark Mangum /Fiction
Beauty Beyond Reason by Kim McKinney /Poetry

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Genius in a Bottle

We publish stories, articles, and poetry that are edgy, even uncomfortable to read, that stimulate the heart, mind, and occasionally the colon.

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