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Line Art Lubna Yusuf

just for once how long will this last, a time without you but about you

Poet Lubna Yusuf
Monoku is a senryu/haiku with a slight enigmatic or ambiguous flavour, written in its earlier Japanese form as a one-liner in 17 syllables or less. A caesura (pause) may be indicated by sense or speech rhythm and usually very little punctuation. The first letter of the line is generally never capitalized.
Monoku emerged as an independent style of poetry in the 1970s.




We publish stories, articles, and poetry that are edgy, even uncomfortable to read, that stimulate the heart, mind, and occasionally the colon.

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Lubna Yusuf

Lubna Yusuf

BOOKS: | Author, Lawyer, Filmmaker, Multidisciplinary Artist |Co-author TheAIBook | Instagram @iglubna

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