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Genius in a Bottle

Phased Out▪︎

Back to the trenches

Photo by benjamin lehman on Unsplash

Into thin space, I dissipate
felted into the imagined and unreal,
sheltered by raining clues
of worth, of doubt, of hues — 
stayed by abiding nights
where shadows grow,
trembling on the edge
of steaming mirages.
In convoluted brooks, phantoms dislodge
like branches of a low hanging tree
in the wake of bristly winds
yet by the book, do I play
allowing my shallow thoughts, its course.
I am back to where I started—
Phase one.
The mainstay of my being,
she’s gone, departed, gone.
I lied, she is that same branch
lodged in the brambling brook
that is my consciousness—
streaming rabidly downward
to pool in eclipsed depths
an irrigated proof of where I started.
I envy my thoughts — 
their fluid profiles
for I wish I could actually dissipate into thin air,
letting the elements collide with several mes
so I’d scatter in every way
harried by a great severance.
That way, worries would be far away
I would bother only about staying afloat
afloat in dreams of my new realm
inspired and unafraid
but I am back to where I started.
My ever-present companion, emptiness
prowls, seeks, and envelopes me
in this bare field of nothingness
bringing me back to where I started
I am lost, again.
My blurry vision permits the sight
but only for a moment—
of tears and ink, inching towards each other
locking themselves in an eternal embrace
on this once white sheet of grief
they mock me.
The hallmark of my design,
dimmed by recent descents
events I never foresaw.
I am back to where I started—
trapped in a maze, unfrequented
bound by loneliness, again.
Affected, eyes dabbed with trembling hands,
with welling emotions tossed
into a sheer mask of indifference,
I resign to what is now my fate.

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