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Wear Clean Undies, Brush Your Teeth and Clean Your Inbox

Infowars start with an unclean inbox

Photo by Sean Horsburgh on Unsplash

Clean your inbox and curate your internet experience.

As creators and writers, this is very important to us. Why?

Because writers need readers.

An inbox is the easiest way for art to reach a person.

Help a friend or family member clean their inbox. Medium has over 100 million users, per month, and if each of us helped one person clean their inbox, that’s a lot of improved desktop experiences to offer.

Shame folks into cleaning their inbox.

Why? Because just like not changing our undies or not brushing our teeth, unclean inboxes are making humanity sick and spreading ills. Reading, watching, receiving and sharing crap (rage, clickbait, lies, junk, fake news, etc.) is crapping up our planet.

Before the internet and we rode dinosaurs to school uphill in a snowstorm, we had TV and radio.

They were passive and did not require cleaning.

No cleaning required. If you didn’t like what was on, you changed the channel. (We only had like 6 channel choices then.)

Our inbox, however, requires maintenance. The cleaner is it, the better a recipient's experience.

Receiving elevated content also means folks share elevated content.

We are what we eat. Receiving crap means folks are sharing crap. Watch the movie, The Social Dilemma, to better understand why that is not helping our earth or humanity.

Inboxes are great because folks CAN unsubscribe, so you know that you’re sending to someone who really wants to enjoy your creation.

Here we can agree that when someone personally crafts a post or poem, or writes a song or paints a picture, it is more valuable to the human experience than spam, or robot-written retail sales ads, or identity theft scam emails. It is. You know it is. Go ahead, prompt out! I know you can write a zillion reasons why human crafted art is superior to advertising or spam.

Today our world needs your healing meaningful art and the art of others.

Folks might subscribe to us and we cannot reach them? Why? Because after Black Friday they have so much retail crap (retailers start to send multiple emails per day) in their inbox that our carefully written personal email that took you 2–5 hours to birth is now unidentifiable to the subscriber whose experience is drowning in a sea of trash. We are unable to reach our subscribers because their inbox is constipated. Inundated with too much shit. They move away from their inbox and now are unreachable because they do not know how to clean and maintain a good internet experience.

My internet experience is FANTASTIC but it requires maintenance, just like cleaning the bathroom. Daily, I unsubscribe from robot emails, block weird shit from social media, etc. As a result my experience is full of wonderful Medium writing talent, new amazing indie music, art, gardens of the world and ocean experiences and photos.

Another example of necessary maintenance is Twitter. I love Twitter but most users have to clean their Twitter experience. If you’re on there you’ve likely endured at least one eye full of bizarre stuff you can never un-see. Block it, block it, block it until the Twitter robots “learn” to not send it to you. Then when spring arrives, you receive spring posts full of delightful flowers and sunshine. Goodbye trash. Hello spring!

What can we do?

Encourage folks to use their inbox.

Encourage folks to move all their retail and sales to a different inbox.

HELP teach ONE person you know how to clean their inbox (or social media).


Because your writing deserves readers.

The better the content the better the shares and the better the world.

Sharing art is better for humanity and the health of our planet than sharing clickbait, rage, lies, junk and fake news.

Today people can curate a wonderful internet experience, but they might not understand what work involved, and if you’re reading this you are knowledgeable enough to help them.

Help one person and like the butterfly effect, together we can make a difference.


Sunshines of our ocean planet, thank you for reading.



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