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Ecommerce PPC Management — How To Grow Your Retail Empire

Thousands of eCommerce businesses are turning to PPC ads to boost profit and grow their business with Ecommerce PPC management.

But it’s easy for beginners to pour cash into an ineffective pay-per-click campaign that wastes time and loses money.

Stats show that more than 50% of eCommerce retailers spend over $1,000 per month on website advertising, while over 40% spend more than $10,000. This is a considerable investment if your campaign doesn’t deliver, which is often the case if someone without PPC expertise runs it.

Letting experts run your campaigns is the best way to get results. You’ll get access to experience and knowledge about how to run effective campaigns — cutting out expensive beginner mistakes and maximizing ad revenue from day one.

When looking for an expert, you have two options: hiring a costly in-house specialist or using an eCommerce PPC management service.

The former might be a good option if you have a large operation that justifies a full-time position. But for most small and medium-sized businesses, working with an eCommerce PPC agency is the better choice.

eCommerce PPC Management Service vs. Running Ads in-House

Using PPC Experts

  • Tried and tested strategies that maximize your budget.

vs Running Ads In-House

  • You run down your ad budget while trying to find an effective strategy.

Why Are eCommerce PPC Ads so Effective?

Pay-per-click advertising puts your product in front of customers when they need it most. It’s an incredibly effective way to grow sales, as your customers are just a click away from buying.

This is important because more people are turning to online shopping than ever before.

The COVID-19 crisis had a significant effect on shopping habits. A recent survey found that over half of global respondents admitted to shopping online more now than pre-pandemic.

Meanwhile, Deloitte found that eCommerce sales were up 68% as of April 2020 compared to the year before. They now account for over 40% of total retail sales.

If you don’t have a strategy to reach these consumers, you will lose out on sales.

And most businesses know this, which is why we have seen online ad spend rise rapidly. Projections suggest that by 2023, U.S. businesses will spend 66.8% of their ad budget on digital ads.

The bigger challenge isn’t in identifying change; it’s the glacial speed at which most organizations are able to respond to it.

Deloitte — ‘The future is coming … but still one day at a time’.

Six reasons why so many retailers are turning to eCommerce PPC ads:

PPC Ads Can Generate Excellent ROI

When you spend money on advertising, you want to be sure that you make a profit. We call this return on ad spend (ROAS). PPC is an excellent channel to gain a positive ROAS.

An often-mentioned stat is that advertisers on Google Ads earn $2 for every $1 they spend. While actual results vary, many businesses do see significant returns.

The increase in ad spend suggests that many companies are gaining value from their PPC ads. Additionally, our team has run profitable campaigns for eCommerce companies in a wide variety of niches.

2. The ROI is Easily Trackable

PPC is perfect for eCommerce stores because it’s so easy to check whether you are getting a positive return on your spend. You can track how many people who click on ads convert and how much they spend.

The two leading PPC platforms even have metrics that clarify your returns. Google’s is called “all conversions value/cost,” and it shows your conversions’ value and cost.

Facebook’s is called “Website Purchase ROAS,” and it shows the average return on your ad spend. You can see an example in the image above.

These metrics can help you refine your strategy going forward. Start with a small budget, and if you see a positive return on your ad spend, you can double down on the things you know are working.

On the other hand, if you are losing money, you’ll find out quickly, allowing you to adapt your campaign before losses build up.

3. You See Results Almost Instantly

When you implement a new digital marketing strategy, you want to see sales as soon as possible.

With PPC advertising, you can have a campaign up and running in days, directing customers to your product listings and generating revenue. This makes PPC advertising an excellent option for getting your first customers or pushing existing sales to the next level.

While SEO or brand awareness strategies have their place in any marketing campaign, they won’t generate results as fast as PPC.

4. It’s Easy to Optimize Campaigns

The instant nature of a PPC strategy means it’s easy to see what is working and double down or optimize those ads that aren’t generating results. The former allows you to maximize sales opportunities, while the latter keeps losses to a minimum.

The key is knowing what to look for in the data and understanding how metrics like cost per click, conversion rate, and customer value affect your results. It can also help if you have the time to run tests and then optimize accordingly.

If you don’t have this knowledge, outsourcing eCommerce PPC management will give you access to a team of experts to optimize your campaigns for you.

5. Target the Exact People You Want to Reach

With PPC advertising, you can get your eCommerce store in front of your target audience. Each platform has different yet powerful targeting options to make this happen.

You can target people based on their interests, location, or demographics. Or you can use retargeting to show ads to people who have previously interacted with your brand. These options stop you from spending your advertising budget on people that won’t react.

6. PPC Is Suitable for Almost Any Budget

PPC campaigns are great for both eCommerce stores with a limited budget and those that want to shoot for the moon. You can specify how much you want to spend over a given time and how much you are willing to bid on different ad placements.

Of course, different industries will have different costs for PPC marketing.

If you reach your budget, you can stop advertising. Or, if you see great results, it’s easy to ramp up spending to take advantage of the opportunity. This is a level of control you simply don’t get with other marketing methods.

You need specific expertise to maximize the effect of the benefits listed above. If you don’t have that within your team already, you need the right partner.

That’s where PPC Genius can help.

Discover The Advantages of Outsourcing PPC

Our guide to outsourcing PPC will help you understand the advantages.

eCommerce PPC Management for Ambitious Companies

Agencies should have one goal: to provide creative eCommerce PPC services that drive sales at the lowest possible cost.

As a growing firm ourselves, we understand the needs of other business owners. We provide a personalized service that helps eCommerce stores maximize conversion rates and ad-spend efficiency.

When you team up with us you get far more than just someone who manages your campaigns. You get access to a full team of eCommerce PPC experts ready to make your campaign a success.

Here’s what we do:

Our strategic team helps you evaluate your business and advertising needs to prioritize critical decisions.

We’ll set up the trackers, code, and other technical aspects of a campaign correctly.

Our campaign planners will discover the most profitable PPC opportunities.

We provide continual campaign optimization to refine your strategy and deliver excellent returns.

You get access to top designers and copywriters who will create high-performing ads and landing pages.

Our campaign analysts dive into the data to spot opportunities for more significant returns.

Bid management services ensure you always get the best value.

We provide all clients with transparent reporting and communication so you can understand how we deliver results.

A 4-Step Process for Exceptional Results, Time After Time

Agencies like us use a four-step process to generate exceptional outcomes for our clients. It’s a proven system that has delivered results for eCommerce stores globally.

How It Works

Step One: Research

1. During the research stage, we find out everything we can about your customers and industry.

2. We take a deep dive into customer motivation and online shopping habits.

3. We discover the keywords your customers are searching for and which metrics lead to conversions.

4. We analyze the industry and your competitors to gain insight into strategies that may already work.

Step Two: Strategy

In stage two, our experienced team puts our research to work. We create a strategy that will maximize your advertising budget — bringing in the most sales at the lowest possible cost.

1. We choose the best platforms to run ads on.

2. We consult with our network of creative talent to build ads and landing pages.

3. We finalize which keywords and audience sectors to target.

Step Three: Execution

Once everything is in place, we launch your campaign. While an exciting milestone, this is just the beginning.

1. We monitor the campaign to see what is working best and then double down on these opportunities.

2. We check the cost per click and conversion rates and optimize accordingly.

3. We implement changes to improve your return on investment.

Step Four: Testing and Optimization

You want to see a return on your ad spend as soon as possible. We continually test your campaign for new opportunities and ways to optimize ads.

1.We run A/B tests on landing pages, copy, and ad design.

2. We discover opportunities to improve campaigns and double down.

3. We are fast to adapt or cut when things don’t go to plan, minimizing waste.

Get Full Visibility Over Your Campaigns

When you hire an eCommerce PPC management agency to run a campaign, you want to be sure those leading it are doing all they can to maximize results. We provide the same high-quality service to all our clients, no matter their size.

We communicate with you to provide full visibility into the performance of your campaigns. We’ll even walk you through screen shares to provide maximum visibility into the inner workings of each campaign.

We Offer eCommerce PPC Services on These Platforms:

Many platforms provide eCommerce stores with the ability to run pay-per-click ads. We are experienced in all the leading ones, including Facebook Ads and Google Ads. This allows us to choose the best platform for your individual needs.

Google Ads

Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) lets you place your product ahead of the competition. By choosing the right paid search keywords, you’ll appear at the top of relevant searches.

But knowing which paid search terms have high buyer intent isn’t easy. Our experience and keyword research expertise ensures we choose the best terms.

Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads is a form of paid search that shows a product box within the search results.

It’s a highly visual form of advertising. Searchers who click on these boxes go directly to the product listing on your site. The secret to success is finding high-value search terms.


Remarketing via Google ads provides an opportunity to connect with customers who have previously interacted with your brand.

It’s an effective form of eCommerce PPC display advertising and can push potential customers over the line. We show tailored ads to your target audience, depending on the interaction they had with your brand.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads can be a profitable eCommerce PPC channel. Access to a vast audience combines with granular targeting options to put your product in front of your ideal customer. Product and multi-product ads increase the platform’s effectiveness for eCommerce.

We’ll Take Your eCommerce Business to the Next Level

Ready to start running PPC ads? Contact us today to find out more about how our eCommerce PPC management services can help your business.

We’re offering a free PPC proposal that details how we can help your business. Request yours by clicking the link below.

eCommerce PPC Management Services FAQ

Who Do You Work with?

We work with ambitious and growing eCommerce stores across a wide range of industries. We’ve had particular success with businesses ready to grow their customer base with the structure in place to do so.

How Much Does Your eCommerce PPC Management Service Cost?

We charge a percentage of your overall ad spend for our PPC management services. Our fee is 15% of monthly ad spend for budgets up to $5,000, or 12% of ad spend for budgets over $5,000.

The second plan adds landing page design and website conversion analysis to our list of services.

Do I Have to Create the Ads?

No. We have a team in place that will design your ads. They take care of everything from how they look to the ad copy.

Can I Advertise on Multiple Platforms?

Of course! During the research phase, we decide on the best channels to promote your product. This could be social, paid search, or display ads. We then split your budget across these channels.

Where Will Our PPC Ads Be Shown?

This depends on the type of ads. Facebook PPC ads get shown on Facebook and Instagram.

With Google Ads, you can choose to show ads in the search results or on other websites via display advertising.

Can’t I Just Run Ads Myself?

The leading platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads have a low barrier to entry. Anyone can indeed use them — that’s part of their appeal!

But it can be difficult and time-consuming to do so effectively, especially if you are running both paid search and social campaigns simultaneously.

Beginners or those low on time may struggle to optimize their campaigns quickly, thus wasting their budget on low-quality clicks.

What Happens if I Want to Stop Running Ads?

Contracts for our eCommerce PPC services run monthly, so you can choose to stop running ads at any time. While we run the ads, you own your account, so you get to keep all the campaign data.

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