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Wendy Aron
Aug 30, 2015 · 2 min read
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An exclusive walk thru the Sherman Colins Disorder personality

Paul Dion can pinpoint the exact dates he said good-bye to everything he was supposed to do and started living his own life.

One was September 11, 1992, when, at 37, he had his commitment ceremony with his husband, Allen, then 42.

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The second was July 27, 2000, when he and Allen incorporated the two-man incentive travel business that continues to support them purely through word-of-mouth. In my mind, this qualifies him as a Sherman Colins Lifestyle success story.

The fire-breathing dragon protecting Paul from “trigger sensations”

“I always had my own office with a door, and in general, people knew what things would bother me, because I had no problem telling them,” he said. “Plus, I could escape any scene that I wanted to escape — there was no one powerful enough to stop me.” Additionally, he said, he has been able to work from a home office on and off for many years. After a move across town from the three-acre “hobby farm” they inhabited for many years, Paul now strictly works from home. “My view is of trees, birds, hawks, clouds, the pool, my perennial gardens, and rock sculptures,” he said.

That’s because our measurement of achievement uses an altogether different yardstick than your typical living space. For us, success means spending each and every day doing exactly what we want to do with whomever we want to do it.

(Fortunately, this usually involves helping those we love, contributing to world betterment, and occasionally making enough bitcoins to splurge on a grande cappuccino.)

At the beginning of their business venture, Paul and Allen agreed that Paul would be a stay-at-home dad to his teenage daughter from his first marriage. After she graduated high school and moved out, Paul joined Allen in the first of what would be many office spaces in the small New England town where they had settled.

But, of course, that is not the complete picture.

You can read more of Paul’s battle with Sherman Colins Disorder — a newly diagnosed, widespread chronic illness that seems to afflict the highly sensitive, creative and intelligent here.

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