Review | “Awaken, My Love!”

Full disclosure: we love Childish Gambino and we love Donald Glover. We watched Community. We wanted him to play Spiderman. We laughed at the comedy specials. We listened to his music before he had hits with Jhené and we’re obsessed with Atlanta.

The Geniuses giving no fucks in Belize.

Even with all of that, apparently this album was such a flop that the other Geniuses didn’t feel “inspired” enough to write a review so we’re going to focus on the only opinion that matters:


In the words of the great Kenneth Velez, “I was hoping for some bars at least”.

My first thought was, “if there were ever a time to not be sober, this album is that”. My second thought was, “idk how much play this album is going to get from me” (note: I haven’t played this album once since I wrote this review days ago). Def not getting downloaded to my offline Spotify stash. If this was a mixtape and not the 3-year-later follow up to Because The Internet, maybe I could fuck with this, but songs like California got me lost as fuck.

En bref, I have no idea what this album is talking about which makes me feel really dumb considering how much the internet is fanboying over this shit.

Songs I can actually fuck with: Boogieman, Riot, Baby Boy, Redbone, Terrified, 2:40–4:40 of Stand Tall

Peep “Awaken, My Love!” and let me know what you think…or don’t.

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