Creative Business Cup 2017

Last week we participated in the Creative Business Cup World Finals. Creative Business Cup is a competition for entrepreneurs in the creative industries and startups that were national winners in over 60 countries met in Copenhagen, Denmark for the World Finals.

After reaching the final 5 startups we got to present Genki Instruments on stage at the beautiful Copenhagen City Hall to a 22 people jury of investors, experienced entrepreneurs and industry experts. We were honored to receive the 2nd price in the overall competition. The jury had this to say about their deicision:

“The second prize goes to a company that combines deep technological skills with a passion for music. They work with state of the art technology, building their solutions from the ground up creating a beautiful user experience. As they say themselves: “When you use our products, they should feel like old friends and at the same time being groundbreakingly new.” Not only is this product absolutely wonderful as a tool to develop your musical skills — our judging panel also see a huge value and possibility for this technology in other industries as well. This company has a huge potential, and we look forward to seeing more from them in the future.”
Genki Instruments and the jury

Additionally we also received a special prize from Microsoft Denmark, and they had this to say about their decision to choose us:

“The Microsoft Special Award goes to a company that is not only highly creative but allows the users to develop their innovative and creative skills in a new, playful, innovative and different way. The use of machine learning and artificial intelligence to break the boundaries and disrupt the ways of playing music makes Genki Instruments the winner of the Microsoft Special Award. “

We were blown away by all the startups and amazing founders in the competition and we are both honored and grateful for the awards we received.

Congratulations to CellRobot from China, who took the 1st place as well as BildIts from Lebanon who came in 3rd.