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Oct 4, 2018 · 4 min read
Digital Marketing Apprenticeship

Online marketing apprenticeships are starting to become more prevalent as social media marketing advances. But what is an online marketing apprenticeship? How do marketing apprenticeships work?

What is an online marketing apprenticeship?

Online marketing apprenticeships are basically a social contract with you and the business owner/company. You check out their bio or resume and have a conversation beforehand to find out more about each other before going into the contract. Students usually find these more helpful than the standard internship, because with online apprenticeships you get more of a connection with the business owner since they are going out of their way to teach you. This isn’t a job ad or internship ad. They reach out to you or vice versa and you come together to figure out how to help each other. If all goes well you might have a new position or a new connection so everyone benefits.

These online marketing apprenticeships usually start out by figuring out what the apprentice wants to get out of the apprenticeship. Then the business owner gives an idea of what they want to be done for the business and it goes from there.

Marketing Apprenticeship Teamwork

How long do online apprenticeships last?

Depending on the platform they can usually last between 3–6 months. But they tend to be shorter than regular internships because it goes straight into work experience and building connections. Usually, after the 3 months, you can expect to receive a certificate or resume experience of some kind. This is also great because you receive actual experience for the marketing job you plan to get into. The best thing about online digital marketing apprenticeships is that there is no busy work. When you go into these it’s strictly about the experience. Depending on your relationship with the business owner you can do other stuff for them. But this wouldn’t be on the clock, that is one difference that many students like when picking up an apprenticeship.

Even after the apprenticeship is over, however, you can still keep in contact with the business owners to do whatever you want. Some people like to do more work for them, maybe pick up another apprenticeship with them for more experience. The sky’s the limit for what you can do with these.

Digital Marketing Apprenticeship Discussion

How do marketing apprenticeships work?

Marketing apprenticeships begin usually with some kind of social contact. Whether that be on a LinkedIn post, an Indeed post, an apprentice hub like GenM, or it could be through a physical social interaction. After that happens, the student usually gets access to someone in charge or someone handling the apprenticeship program. Then plans are discussed and a contract is usually formed after the contract is signed work is usually given after learning what is needed. Hours typically don’t go past the 10-hour mark unless pay is involved. After you finish your work with them you can either start another apprenticeship or get hired on with that company. Apprenticeships are really valuable because you get actual experience, this isn’t busy work or work that has nothing to do with what you want to learn. Because ahead of time you establish what each other wants.

You can take as little or as many apprenticeships as you want. The best part is, some programs like GenM support you more by having courses made or offer paid freelance work. So, when you finally finish your apprenticeship you don’t have to feel lost or confused. GenM also has success coaches to help guide you and help you learn the platform. Online marketing apprenticeships are another great option to help students get into the workforce or to just brush up new skills.

Why should you take an online marketing apprenticeship?

We talked about how marketing apprenticeships work, but why should you take them, to begin with?

Free education: Depending on who you work with and what they offer you, you can gain powerful connections and training programs. Also, depending on the platform you sign up with they can offer free education as well. So even if you don’t need a marketing apprenticeship you can still learn updated information and gain experience.

Free work experience: Free valuable work experience to help you reach whatever goal you desire. On top of that, you can also receive pay depending on the apprenticeship. But what people usually look at is the work experience to help them get up there.

More connections: That business owner you spent three months with might offer you a position after seeing your skills. Maybe they want to have you onboard as a freelancer. They could also be a powerful connection you wouldn’t have otherwise if you didn’t do the apprenticeship. Having a lot of connections can open more doors for you that you didn’t think about.

Marketing Apprenticeship Plan


More and more people this year and the next will be asking “what is an online marketing apprenticeship?” Because this is going to help people get the jobs and positions they want another way. People can even juggle college and apprenticeships if they want to, the choice is yours! So start learning today with a GenM apprenticeship! Get the job you want within less time.

GenM Digital Marketing Apprenticeships

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