How this SNHU student landed a job and is now a step closer to her dreams

Precious Valerie Silva
Apr 24 · 3 min read

Amanda Menke is a graduating student at SNHU, and with her super busy term, she didn’t think she would have the time for an apprenticeship but went for it anyway. Now, she’s one step closer to her dream job in Public Relations as she landed a part-time Social Media Coordinator position following her apprenticeship with GenM. Here’s Amanda sharing her GenM story.

What is your main reason for wanting to do an online digital marketing apprenticeship?

My main reason for wanting to do an online digital marketing apprenticeship was to gain experience and learn more about the marketing and social media world. I’ve heard, multiple times, that in order to get the hang of the Public Relations and/or Marketing industry, having connections as well as different amounts of experience, are helpful.

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Coming from having zero digital marketing experience, Amanda has learned so much since she had her apprenticeship with Caz Wilson at Social Kitchen Media. She learned more about social media, content marketing, marketing automation, and even marketing analytics.

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What digital marketing experience did you have when you applied for your apprenticeship?

I had absolutely no digital marketing experience when I applied for my apprenticeship. I’ve learned so much since then!

What digital marketing experience did you have after your apprenticeship?

The digital marketing experience I had after my apprenticeship was a good amount. I learned more about really making social media work. I learned more about what really pulls a consumer into a page and what keeps them intrigued. I’ve also learned quite a bit when it comes to measuring how many people are visiting a web page, or a social media platform, and what engagement we’re pulling in.

For students who want to get a similar experience and learn as much from a digital apprenticeship, Amanda shares her three tips for students looking to secure an apprenticeship through GenM:

Oneif you’re interested in doing it, but you don’t think you “have the time” for it, go for it. I didn’t think I had the time with a super busy term, but you find time to make something you enjoy, work.

Twowhen you’re looking for an apprenticeship, everything looks amazing. Be sure to look for something that you find interesting and may love. This sounds obvious, but don’t just look for the experience, look to see what it’s all about.

Threestay positive! You’re going to learn a lot of information, you’re going to learn potentially new concepts, but most of all, you’re going to have wonderful experiences. Stay positive, work hard, but most of all, enjoy it!

She also shares: I’ll be graduating from SNHU come May 2019 and I’m so excited for it. I’m excited to have learned so much through school, but I’m also thrilled because, since completing GenM’s apprenticeship program, I’ll have continued on with the part-time position that I’ve landed, all thanks to the apprenticeship program and my awesome mentor!

For Amanda, the GenM apprenticeship program has helped in her professional development because of the experience.

I think having the apprenticeship has been helpful with my professional development. It’s more due to the experience and understanding of the marketing and social media industries more so than anything else. Since my part-time title is now “Freelance Social Media Coordinator,” I think that will help my resume stand out from others and give it that extra boost. I’m also learning what it’s like to work with someone remotely, which is pretty awesome! I also find that the apprenticeship has helped build my confidence — I went from knowing what I’ve learned through school to being able to put those skills to use in the real world.

Eventually, Amanda hopes to find a full-time position (maybe even, one day, remotely) within the Marketing or Social Media Marketing industries. She would also love to represent a company within their Communications or Public Relations department.

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