Don’t Get Confused! These Are The Best Coupons And Deals For AncestryDNA Tests — Validated In April 2019.

Apr 9, 2019 · 4 min read

Hey, savvy customers. If you’re looking for the best deals to purchase AncestryDNA, you’re in the right place! I won’t be surprised if you’re feeling frustrated because there are so many discount coupons out there. Most of them are not verified and the tons of discount information they contain is simply a repetition of the original discounted price. I’ve been through the same thing…

So, we are here to help! We’ve collected updated AncestryDNA coupon and discount deals information for you. Check it out!

*We try to give you the most reliable information by verifying each coupon regularly. If you find any of the coupons below are not working, please let us know at Thanks for your support!

The photos and logos are taken from Ancestry’s resource center.

1. Coupon codes (or promo codes) for AncestryDNA kit verified in April 2019

Recommendation for Ancestry DNA testing:
Groupon — $79 (20% OFF AncestryDNA test! Coupon Verified)

Other offers
AncestryDNA Official website — $99 (original price)
Amazon — $99 (original price) — $59 (40% OFF! But, you’ll have to see if it actually works)
Groupon — $79 (20% OFF! Coupon Verified)
CNN Coupon — $59 (40% OFF! But, some report it does not work)

I recommend the Groupon 20% OFF deal. I’ve tried many coupon sites that offer a 40% discount, but unfortunately, none of them worked. If you think $79 is still a high price, you should wait for the next holiday limited time offers (e.g. Valentine’s day), when AncestryDNA usually have special discounts (as low as $59 before!) (You can check the discounted price list for AncestryDNA, 23andMe, and MyHeritage here too.)

2. Find another Ancestry coupon

Other than an ethnicity estimate with DNA data, AncestryDNA ( offers another feature that allows you to look for more information about your family history to complete your family tree. Their database is one of the world’s largest online family history resource. The different membership types allow you to access historical records from the U.S. and internationally that are included in this massive database.

The company has an official discount for some of their features. Different websites also have various ongoing offers at any given time. Here is some updated and validated discount information.

Recommendations for coupons:

For AARP members (American Association of Retired Persons), there is a 30% OFF Ancestry World Explorer Access. We think this is the best-validated deal right now.

Offers NOT validated, but available anyway without coupons

  • Up to 50% discount on the U.S. Discovery monthly membership and World Explorer membership

You will find several coupon codes in your browser search, but many of these are no longer available or they are simply a repetition of the same discount that is available with long subscriptions such as a 6 month membership. Even though these non-validated offers are not available at present, we can expect a discount campaign in the future for these features. Also, you can start your ancestry membership with a free 14 day trial and decide to upgrade or keep the subscription during the trial period as well.

3. Go beyond coupons! Make full use of your DNA test results to know more about yourself

As an astute customer, you shouldn’t miss the chance to download your raw DNA data file. You can then upload it to other websites to know more about yourself! The DNA results you see from DNA are based on the analysis of your raw data. The sites listed below provide further analysis on the same DNA data with their unique focus and different databases.

Free ancestry

1. Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) — FREE
2. MyHeritage DNA — FREE
3. LivingDNA — FREE
4. GEDmatch — FREE

Know more about your DNA

1. Genomelink — FREE
2. Promethease

Genomelink brings you special offers including free analysis of 25 traits! Plus, you can unlock further 125+ traits and 1 new trait weekly with a $14 monthly membership.

To find out more, go to the current list of uploading websites here!

*Help us improve! If you find updated information or even better deals than the ones listed here, please let us know at

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Empowering you to makes sense of the dizzying amount of information on DNA, genetic research, and how it relates to your daily life. Subscribe to learn about the genetics of nutrition, fitness, health, personality, intelligence.


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Discover the genetics of your nutrition, fitness, health, personality. Try out Genomelink at


Empowering you to makes sense of the dizzying amount of information on DNA, genetic research, and how it relates to your daily life. Subscribe to learn about the genetics of nutrition, fitness, health, personality, intelligence.

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