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Contraction Is Part of Expansion

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Dear gentle souls,

April is upon us quicker than I have been able to adjust to yet, and with it, the changing seasons are beginning to set in. Where many of you are, spring has sprung, and where I am, and some of you too, Autumn has arrived.

I’m looking forward to seeing the leaves change colours and drop to the ground in big piles of crunchy goodness.

I remember as a child I loved jumping into piles of crunchy leaves and playfully sifting through the different shades and colours of leaves, marvelling at nature’s beauty and creativity.

As we feel the seasons change, we often receive added insights into how we are changing too.

Join Our Writing Prompts for April 2022

This month’s prompts are all about the phases of growth we go through as human beings. Sometimes we choose to grow and other times we may feel pushed into it. At times we may feel the need to pull our energy inwards and consolidate and integrate and other times we are ready to leap, to move, to take action.

These seasons of our lives can feel like they are happening outside of everything and everyone around us, yet there is a divine interconnectedness weaving in and out of our everyday existence. Being aware of this can help us to feel less alone and a part of something bigger, especially when we are in a contractive phase of life.

Often before a big period of growth or expansion in our lives, we get called to pull our energy inwards as well as having past challenges re-surface and familiar obstacles return.

And sometimes we may even feel both energies within us at once, whilst parts of us are integrating and healing other parts of us are expressing ourselves and dancing into the edges of newness.

Here are some prompt questions you are invited to answer on this theme:

  • What have you learned in periods of your life where your energy was called inwards? What were the gifts you discovered in this space?
  • How do you care for yourself when you feel both the pull to go inwards and the desire to get out there?
  • Which energy do you find easier to adapt to, the contracting or the expanding?
  • In what ways do you want to expand yourself and your life? How have you already expanded in past growth cycles?

If you’re submitting your prompt responses to us, please do use the story tags, ‘Mindfulness’ and ‘Prompt’ in your drafts. Thank you.

Our Latest Stories

Here are some of our latest brilliant stories. Please feel free to read and be inspired by our writers and share your thoughts and heartfelt comments too!

March’s Prompt Responses

Never Self-Cancel for Flow by MOIIN

“As a writer, it’s so important to release. Release a story. Release an emotion. Release a feeling. Expressing yourself.”

When Resistance Comes, Look Deeper by Maia Thom

“Sometimes when we meet resistance, we find ourselves stuck because we’re only picking at the surface. We haven’t fully met ourselves yet, in the deepest crevasses of what we’re really feeling.”

Other Stories and Poetry

Let Gentleness Be Your Antidote To Overwhelm by Bingz Huang

“Gentleness is the antidote to overwhelm. If you have no idea how to be gentler on yourself, then be gentle about being gentler on yourself.”

Three Little Boys by Pam Sourelis

“The little boy stopped, watched Elika from a distance for a few seconds, and then came over. Without a word, he dropped to his knees and started digging with her. She never looked at him. He never looked at her. They just dug together, sand flying.”

Finding Your Authentic Voice as a Solopreneur by Krista Bauer

“It takes time to find your authentic voice as a solopreneur and it gets discovered over time but the more you write and publish content, inevitably the clearer it becomes.”

Maybe You Are Gentle After All by Camille Grady

“I believe gentleness is an innate human quality, and the inability or unwillingness to see ourselves in this light is often why we believe we aren’t gentle. Though it doesn’t mean others don’t receive gentleness from us or see us in this light.”

The Delicateness that is Letting Go by Ginger Tran

“Letting go isn’t letting things
Merely slip from your mind.
It is not a matter of out of sight,
Out of mind, now all is alright.”

Starts and Stops and other Shenanigans by Maia Thom

“If I were to leave you with a thought, though, it would be this: self-awareness is an incredible tool, but only when paired with self-compassion.”

Thank you for being a part of the Gentleness Ambassadors publication.
We look forward to reading all your stories, poetry and prompt responses :)!

With love and gratitude,
Camille and Bingz



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