How To Dissolve Yourself as a Poet

A poem on how to be the voice of others by dissolving yourself

Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

Do not think. Do not
write. Not even
attempt. Just be
unarmed. Your naked
to stories
and scars alike but
not to use them
as protective clothing.

Stay naked.

Your vulnerability
is the fabric.

through the fabric.
It’s hard. Yet


Even as you be
and breathe-
jump, sway, dance
cry, punch,
or itch as
the scar
or story may
want you to.

Blend with story.
Bleed with scar.

Let it all
soak up
the fabric.

Your vulnerability.

Let it
suck it up
till saturated.
Stretch it
Shrink it
Carefully lift
the fabric. Spread
it away from
your naked self.

The scars that
you allowed
to seep into
your skin
can wait.
to the fabric
first. Remember
you are a poet.
That fabric-
your canvas
and composition.

like the lover’s
let your soul
gently tend to
the fabric.

Lift it up
letting light
find its way
parts of it
In the clothesline
of creative force
pin it carefully
with pegs
of purpose
so life breathes
through its pores.

Let it be.
Let it dry.
Let it dance.
Let it drench.
Let it delve.
Let it dry.
Let it be.

you are a poet.
That fabric-
your canvas
and composition
It’s not
Gently move away.
It’s now
for the world
to witness.

You may now
tend to
the scars or
that you
let seep
through your

You can be




Many of us, especially Empaths and sensitive souls, have a desire for a gentler world. This space is for you! Share and read stories about noticing and releasing Harshness. Let’s inspire one another on practicing Gentleness.

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