I Started Reading Daily Again After Many Years

Here are all the ways it changed my life

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When I brought daily reading back into my life, I didn’t quite expect that so many other things would manifest in my life.

But they did.

These didn’t happen all at once, so remember that things take time and give them that space to occur naturally.

While I’ve been reading more books overall since 2019, the act of daily reading is something I’ve found and made time for again in the last few months. Here are just some of the things that have happened as a result.


I sleep earlier than 10 PM. I’ve always wanted to do it but reading just a few pages before bed naturally makes my eyelids heavier and sleep like a log until the next morning. There’s something about reading a book that is so far removed from looking at your phone, watching TV, or staring at your laptop. It’s almost as if all of your senses are brought to bear upon the experience in a very active, very present manner.

Phone Time

I’m no longer attached to my phone. In the last two weeks, I’ve spent less than an hour on my phone each day because I just don’t find it that fascinating anymore! It’s true.

These days, there is a specific spot in my home assigned as the charging station for my smartphone. Once charged, the phone is unplugged but remains at the station, sort of like a fixed phone line. Any time it rings, indicating a phone call, I walk over to the phone to answer it.

Reading more regularly has ensured that I don’t have my phone handy or nearby. It’s become a tool and nothing more.

TV Time

I haven’t watched TV for close to 2 weeks. Thanks to Netflix/Prime/Hotstar I’ve been known to binge-watch series as if there were no tomorrow. These days, I sit in front of the TV, stare at the blank screen for a few seconds, shrug, get up and go to my bookshelf or Kindle and curl up with a story instead.

Memory and Focus

My brain has been able to focus on tasks for much longer and without interruption. It’s uncanny. We read all of these articles, hacks, and tips about improving our focus and concentration. Nothing seems to work, right? But apparently, reading more also enhances your focus, without your realizing it. Who knew?!

My memory has improved! I had started to blame everything from hormones to age to perimenopause for my forgetful self. Turns out I just needed to remove digital distractions and read more instead.


I cherish doing things with a great deal of care and attention, without looking at the clock, be it cooking, cleaning or laundry. As a past Type A person, this is a huge shift.

Writing has always been an integral part of my life but now there’s a heightened sense of nuance when it comes to putting words on the page. There’s something at the back of my mind nudging me to recall that lovely way an author had used a phrase and perhaps bring a fraction of that beauty into my own writing.

Reading is more magical than we realize. If all of us chose to read more every single day, our days would be that much better.

Try it. I guarantee it will improve your life.

P.S. I share my ratings, reviews and favourite books on my Goodreads page. Check it out here.


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Shailaja V

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