Weekly #17 – New Paris offices, Kotlin 1.2, #280characters madness and more!

Everything that happened last week for Android developers


September 25 – October 1

Greetings fellow devs 🖖 Welcome to this new issue!

If you’re new here, let me guide you a little bit. This post aims to sum up what went up in the past 7 days for Android developers. It comes as a series and gets published every week (or so).

By “what went up” I mean major Android news but also articles from experts, neat little tricks, exclusive discoveries, a bit of Kotlin, jokes (from time to time)... In other words: a whole week of Android Dev goodness summed up in one single Medium story.

Pretty neat huh? Well if that sounds good to you, let’s jump straight right in!

Last week in a nutshell

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That’s all folks!

Hope you enjoyed this new edition 🙂 You’re more and more to give me “claps” and send me feedback. That’s freaking awesome! Thanks a lot 🤗 As always, feel free to leave a comment if you’d like more of this or less of that. I’ll definitely take it into account.

Until then… Take care and see you next week for a new edition ✌️

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