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4 min readJan 11, 2023

At the beginning of the year, we looked back to highlight some milestones in our company life, business, and product development.
We’re thankful to our customers, partners, and users for their inspiration, feedback, and support.

Mapflow user’ feedback

The main conclusion we came to by reviewing the feedback (processings rated by users from 1 to 5):
❗️The Mapflow users’ feedback is appeared to be a useful communication channel even if limited to the Web App.

We won’t leave the free users’ feedback unresponded and will do our best to suggest the solution in case of issues.

Having the feedback and the total number / dynamics of processings by countries through the use of different Mapflow applications (Web, QGIS, and API) we are driven to target our efforts to improve the technology and develop a more confident strategy where it doesn’t succeed as much as possible.

Mapflow user’s avg rating by country. Read the full article…

Mapflow user’s avg rating by country

We are growing

  • We open a new office in Tashkent, Uzbekistan
    Most of the RnD Team is located here.
  • Mapflow has ~700 newly registered users monthly (organic). 60% → 65% active
  • First customers in Indian market
  • MRR is up to 30K USD

We are partnering

In 2022 we released:

AI-mapping models:

  • Aerial / UAV buildings model (beta)
  • New version of Forest segmentation model
  • Regional Buildings detection models (fine-tuned): Arab countries, Uzbekistan


  • Mapflow Data Validator
  • GeoTIFF upload — Web
  • Mapfow-QGIS 1.6 → 1.6.5 (~ 30.000 downloads)
  • Data providers API (v. 0) (early version of API for imagery search and processing)

UAV-buildings model. Read the article…

UAV-buildings model

We communicate

We started publishing userguides and videoguides collecting useful tips on how to work with Geospatial imagery.

  • The second time we participated in the Engage conference organized by Maxar
  • We visited Space Technology Conference — Central Eurasia in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, and GeoSmart India Conference in Hyderabad
  • We organized a seminar GIS & Space in Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Ethiopia. Roads masks. (from user’s feedback)

Shaping the product vision

In general, there is a demanding and growing market for EO / Deep learning technologies but this market is becoming very competitive and the AI-powered applications seem to become IT as usual with its fierce competition for user experience and customer loyalty.
Providing a cloud-based, no-code imagery analysis platform featuring AI-models offered via an intuitive interface — could be a viable strategy in this market.
See the full blog post about Being a SaaS (Small Analytics company) in the Earth Observation market

Urban Mapping (geodata) product has been deprecated, we decided to be more SaaS-focused (Mapflow)

Upcoming releases

We have a lot! And this is the most fascinating part of new year plans.
Let’s stay connected!

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions, inquiries, or suggestions. We are happy to receive your feedback. Follow us on social media. Subscribe to our blog on Medium– we post articles about major updates, referring to the amazing projects in the AI for Earth Observation data.



Geoalert platform

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