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3 min readApr 26, 2024

Last week our RnD team met in Istanbul.
All of us are used to working remotely but it’s important to make fun of the work and increase productivity in real-life meetings and communication. Some of us met in real life for the first time; for some, it was the first international trip. Istanbul was selected as a beautiful city at the crossing point of Europe and Asia and a mean destination for traveling from our home locations.

6 of 9 geoalert’ers

Since our last move of the RnD office to Tashkent we’ve not encountered event management issues on such a scale. In my non-gender-biased opinion, girls are better at event planning. But where do you see girls here? Well… we are working on it.

To be followed by some numbers:

  • there were 9 geoalert’ers
  • “teambuilding” atmosphere was rated by all Geoalert teammates as 5 out of 5
  • “productivity” was not at the highest level possible as it depends on the “organization” basically. And the last one could be better (4 out of 5)
  • Aspen Hotel & SPA got the lowest grade in our follow-up (3.5) as there was no SPA included actually, they are tricking their visitors with some perks and charge every step of the way. The location (marked as perfect on Booking) was more suitable for shopping than the city-exploring, though it wasn’t so bad overall.
Steep slopes of Istanbul streets
Team working hours — at the office of our Turkish partners

Every day matters — I would like to follow this motto personally and professionally. This is what exactly was our trip to Istanbul. Thursday night we played “The Hat” game — our colleagues, whose native language is not Russian, managed pretty well and had a lot of fun.

We finished with the training session of Geoalert Demo Day. We went to the Asian side and got to the Game Gallery studio (I highly recommend this space for its vibe and activities) — to showcase our products and technology. The day before we decided to turn it into a public event but it was too late to invite external listeners and make a certain promotion. Next time we will conduct some special training on event management and planning before our meeting.

Overall it was a meaningful and essential experience of coworking and cotravelling which is to be repeated and improved. ⛵️

Geoalert Team in front of the Opera



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