Geoblink ❤ Open Source

Yes! We’re OPEN

At Geoblink almost our entire stack is powered by open source software. From our database management systems to our frontend framework, each layer is composed by mostly, if not entirely, open source software.

So it is only fair that we give back to the community that makes platforms like ours possible. And this time I’m glad to announce a new Geoblink Open Source Project: @geoblink/lodash-mixins

Lodash is a popular JavaScript library which provides a collection of generic functions to complement JavaScript’s standard library, offering convenient methods that in some cases end up added to the very standard library they initially enhanced.

lodash-mixins README on GitHub

@geoblink/lodash-mixins is a small set of generic functions that we use in several projects because they help us reduce boilerplate and duplicated code. We think that these functions are not only helpful for all but may be useful to any Lodash user.

Using Lodash (left) and using Lodash with @geoblink/lodash-mixins (right)

Why not opening a PR to Lodash?

Velocity. We use those functions in production and are frequently updating them or adding new ones. We don’t want to put additional stress on Lodash maintainers nor lose the development pace we already achieved.

Are you going to invest more in Open Source Software?

Yes! Actually, we have some big things cooking that we can’t share yet.

Stay tuned, it won’t be long until we have news to share with you!