No SQL Tech Talk: distributed databases for a distributed world

We recently gave a Tech Talk at Google Campus Madrid about No SQL databases covering different aspects in a general way, like their history, what problems they fix and the different types you can group them by. You can check the talk (in Spanish) and the slides.

More specifically, we talked about:

  • The very origin of modern databases, the IMS system by IBM.
  • The first relational databases and how they shaped the Web 1.0.
  • The growing need for distributed databases that were fast and consistent in the Web 2.0.
  • The CAP theorem.
  • Categories of No SQL databases:
  • - Key-value stores (Redis, Riak)
  • - Column stores (HBase, Cassandra)
  • - Document stores (MongoDB, CouchDB)
  • - Graph databases (Neo4j, FlockDB)
  • - Search Engines (strictly not No SQL but kind of related, like Solr and ElasticSearch)