Introducing Geodesic Capital: A Fund for Entrepreneurs Bent on World Domination

The best entrepreneurs are bent on world domination. Today, my partner John Roos and I are pleased to announce a new $335 million fund whose sole purpose is to assist in that objective. We call it Geodesic Capital, and our goal is to help US-based technology companies expand to global markets — particularly those in Asia — beginning with Japan.
After Marc Andreessen penned his seminal essay in 2011, it’s no secret that software is eating the world. Whether it’s Uber for a ride, Airbnb for a room or Snapchat for our friends, technology has become a critical part of everyday life in the developed world and is quickly permeating emerging markets. As a result, we’re finally seeing technological disruption start to affect industries that had been largely insulated in the past, like retail, transportation, travel, healthcare, finance and manufacturing. All of these industries are being reinvented by companies that are leveraging software to find new solutions to age old problems.

But while software may be eating the world creating greater opportunities for technology companies, the process of international expansion is still largely unautomated. And the farther you are from home, the more useful local connections and know-how become. This is particularly true for growth stage entrepreneurs who typically see many clones of their businesses pop up worldwide, often with a local twist. Timely, connected partners who know these markets can help you expand in an intelligent way and greatly improve your speed of execution to win the market.

We founded Geodesic Capital to help entrepreneurs facing exactly these sorts of problems. And we’re starting with a set of operating services focused on just one thing: helping growth stage companies expand into Asia, beginning with Japan.

So if you are an entrepreneur with a growing business and aims of expanding into Asia, come talk to us. We might just be able to help with that whole world domination plan of yours.