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Succeeding in Japan: Should I Do a Joint Venture?

  • Due your own diligence on Japan to see if indeed the market is ready. (See the first article in this series for a detailed guide on how to determine this.)
  • If you find that in fact the Japanese market is ready, consider doing it yourself. It’s a lot of work, yes, but doing a JV is no walk in the park either! Revisit your priorities and see if going to Japan shouldn’t be accelerated.
  • If the JV suitor makes for a compelling partner, but you still would rather not do a JV, consider other options such as a limited exclusive partnership (for example if you are not planning on going to Japan for 18 months, offer this as an exclusive window for them to pursue on their own. Offering them an opportunity to invest in the company can further strengthen the relationship and align incentives as well.) Such arrangements often do not produce significant results. However, it can help land a few customers and build a brand so that when you are ready to formally launch you are not starting from zero.



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Marcus Otsuji

Head of Geodesic Japan. Helping companies develop and execute winning strategies as they enter and compete in Japan.