Geography Lessons

sometimes all you need is a map

On the road with the Pied-Piper of Panajachel

A routine trip in Guatemala turned into a hair-raising journey with an ex-CIA mapmaker. 

Smitten with the mitten

At home in Michigan

Home is a complicated idea, one that gets harder to describe the older I get.

The Border

When they threaten, people stay away. I myself hold memories of such a place, where a stream, knee-deep, formed a border. The border itself was repulsive, in the literal sense of the…


It’s amazing how quickly the seasons can shift in the northern latitudes. We go to sleep on summer nights with the windows open, covers thrown haphazardly off the bed, only to wake-up…

max’s wave 

They finally had to put the lake place up for sale. Why keep it? The boy’s parents could hardly stand the sight of water anymore. Haunted by ripples and eddies and the garage full…

linguistic complexities of Biblical interpretation

Cervantes once complained that reading a translation was, “like looking at the Flanders tapestries from behind: you can see the basic…

how to read the Last Supper narratives

It’s Holy Thursday, and the nostalgia of Easter weekend has started to set in. Not the eggs and candy that my brother and I would hunt for as kids…

love letters from yellowstone

My first home smelled of pine and sulfur, Kodak film and hand me down poetry. It’s a transient place,largely inhabited by the federal employee, the day hiker…

fighting over rocks

The administration of islands is a testament to the idea that if you don’t like the boundary, just redraw the map.

casting lessons 

Just outside the unassuming college town of Missoula, Montana is a 52 mile stretch of prime fly-fishing water known as Rock Creek. Running parallel to the Sapphire Range from…


The little boat bobbed on the waves like a crimson bathtub toy. I’d never been to sea. In fact, apart from a handful of childhood afternoons spent building sandcastles at the Oregon…

thoughts on maps: the cartographies of travel and navigation

A month ago I took the train from Glacier Park to Seattle, just for the hell of it. The trip cost $90 - crossing Western…

laws of the sea

Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime. Teach a man that he’s entitled to others’ fish, ensure collective starvation.

Geo/graphy: the story of place

Ok, here's a question: what exactly is Geography?

I'm sure you probably studied some version of it in primary school; memorized names on a…

Geography Lessons
Geography Lessons

sometimes all you need is a map

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