My Victoria — Accessible Open Data

The Victorian government collects large volumes of data, much of which is made publicly available as Open Data; however, value is only realised when the right people can find, use and act on that data.

My Victoria is an innovative product envisioned by the Department of Premier and Cabinet that allows businesses and the public to explore over 60 data sets published by the Victorian government in an easy to use web and mobile responsive application.

Geoplex worked in partnership with Today Design to deliver My Victoria. The project successfully combined human centered design principles with cutting edge OpenGeo and DevOps components to deliver a beautiful high value product to the community.

My Victoria Launch Event

My Victoria was developed in short time frame by a multi-disciplinary team of government and commercial partners working in a collaborative agile environment. The final product was publicly launched by Special Minister of State the Hon. Gavin Jennings MLC in September 2018 and is now supporting businesses across the state, whilst also playing a key role as an open data framework under the state government’s single digital presence program.

My Victoria is powered by Open Source GIS tools (Postgresql and Geoserver) and is deployed in a high availability configuration on the Amazon Web Services platform. All hardware infrastructure is provisioned and managed using “Infrastructure as Code” techniques to ensure optimum performance, security, reliability and reusability.

My Victoria Demographics (Collingwood)

The My Victoria map display is based on the Openlayers framework and leverages Vector Tile services to provide smooth map transitions and fast browser side rendering. Geoserver acts as the single central data API and provides services supporting all maps, charts and data widgets in the application.