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$GEO$ Token Utilities — Welcome to Rocket Fueled Capitalism

The $GEO$ token runs the economy for our Geopoly game project, a “geolocation economic simulator” that allows users all over the world to take part in the virtual real estate market.

Regardless of the business type, you’re looking to purchase it can be found in-game, and Geopoly also includes the likes of missions/goals that offer massive XP and in-game monetary bonuses!

Geopoly is available on Android right now, with an iOS and Desktop version currently in development — our goal is to provide an innovative experience that works with real-world data applied in 2 layers:

  • The ON-Chain Layer
  • The OFF-Chain Layer

What is the $GEO$ Token (and What Makes It So Valuable)?

Known as the “largest capitalist metaverse in the world”, our game is one that we are incredibly proud of presenting to the public. You can explore the world and find opportunities to rent, buy, or invest in businesses all over the globe.

We also hope to implement a “player vs. player” model that puts you up against other people, allowing users to battle for the title of “most successful investor”. These battles will use our in-game currency (non-tokenized digital assets) as opposed to the $GEO$ token, but the $GEO$ token powers in-game purchases.

Building From the Ground Up

Starting from the bottom you are given a chance to build one of the largest real estate empires the world has ever known, but how will you approach the process?

Will you play fair, or are you willing to rely on dirty tactics to get ahead? Of course, none of this would be possible without the $GEO$ token!

Roadmap for $GEO$ (Tokenomics + Utility)

Token Recycling Rate

Our PvP feature is designed to create additional Sink points that will further advance the Geopoly economy — these battles will allow users to fight each other and steal additional resources (as well as defend their own!).

This will be played like your typical “Tower Attack” game, but players will use the $GEO$ token to send the likes of Robots, Drones, and even Sattelites to hack the mainframe of other players’ branches.

Essentially, the more people play the game, the more $GEO$ tokens will be consistently burned.

Token Distribution

There are four rounds of token distribution in total before Geopoly starts to get listed on major exchanges, which is why investing early is the ideal thing to do. Each round will offer a different percentage of the total $GEO$ supply, as well as offer them at a different rate.

Round 1 (Private VCs)

12.50% of total supply > 125,000,000 GEOS > $1,500,000 USD worth > $0.01200 / $GEO$

Round 2 (Private KOLs & Launchpad VIPs)

5% of total supply > 50,000,000 GEOS > $800,000 USD worth > $0.01600 / $GEO$

Round 3 (Launchpads + Public Pre-Sale)

3% of total supply > 30,000,000 GEOS > $600,000 USD worth > $0.02000 / $GEO$

Round 4 (Listing/TGE)

1% of total supply > 10,000,000 GEOS > $200,000 USD worth > $0.02000 / $GEO$

Other Distribution Methods

Our $GEO$ token will also be distributed through Yield Farming (30% total), In-Game Rewards (25% total), and the remainder will be allocated for our marketing team and advisors. There is also 5.50% of the total distributed $GEO$ kept in the treasury.

NFT Integration

All of the businesses available on Geopoly will be verified NFTs on the blockchain, meaning that once NFT integration is completed, the value of our $GEO$ token should rise even more.

Player-Based Economy

Most of the Geopoly economy is going to be based on player activity, which will allow the $GEO$ token to increase in value as we progress through the roadmap into 2022. When we see a large increase in the number of users playing, your investment is bound to rise in value as a result.

A Unique Metaverse Experience

We’re looking to provide people with a unique metaverse gaming experience that they won’t find anywhere else, and this is truly the tip of the iceberg. There’s no telling where Geopoly will end up in a few years, but it’s safe to say that becoming invested early on is somewhat of a no-brainer.

With a team of certified professionals at the head of it all, Geopoly and our $GEO$ token are looking to innovate crypto gaming in its entirety.

Join Geopoly

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Geopoly is a geolocation economic simulator that allows users to rent, buy, upgrade and sell real estate and business assets. It is built within a system that combines on-chain and off-chain layers to provide users with an immersive gaming experience based on real-world data.

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