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Secure Your Geopoly Land NFTs Today!

Calling all aspiring metaverse real estate tycoons! Geopoly, GameFi’s very first play-to-earn game with an off-chain and on-chain economic model is moving onto the next stage of our evolution — and we’re excited to let our community know about it! The Geopoly NFT marketplace is now open and to mark this momentous event we are hosting an NFT presale this month along with our NFT farming feature. This will give our community the chance to acquire important in-game assets that they can utilize to earn on-chain and generate passive income rewards.

One-Of-A-Kind Utility

Geopoly breaks the mold of both traditional and NFT gaming in a way that combines the physical and virtual world. Never before has a play-to-earn game enabled players to acquire digital assets based on real-world businesses and iconic landmarks. As such, Geopoly users can earn a portion of the revenue these businesses generate in the metaverse.

Players will begin with a local business that comes with a free initial branch. This will help set them on a path to earn in-game cash and experience points (EXP), which will be required if they intend to expand their empire. Moving their businesses to new branches can be done by claiming land around them and players are encouraged to explore their nearby surroundings with our AR feature. If a player finds the perfect available plot of land and has enough currency and EXP, they can claim it as their own and set up shop to earn more revenue.

However, the Geopoly metaverse doesn’t limit players to just one city. A business empire can only reach its full potential through global expansion and with Geopoly’s drones and satellites, players can do exactly that. Players can use their GEO$ tokens to rent in-game drones and satellites to explore different cities across the world. In doing so, they can branch out into new countries and grow their business on an international scale. Players can also acquire digital ownership of iconic landmarks such as the Taj Mahal, Statue of Liberty, and many others to generate yield of our native token, GEO$.

GEO$ Token: Your Ticket to World Domination

Users who wish to participate in our NFT land sale will need GEO$ tokens to make their purchase. GEO$ is available on PancakeSwap so don’t delay, as we anticipate a large part of our community will take advantage of this opportunity to acquire these NFTs to boost their earning potential in the Geopoly metaverse.

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