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What Makes Geopoly So Unique?

Until now, the NFT gaming market has seen its fair share of play-to-earn games that feature outer space adventures, trading cards, and memecoin inspired characters. But few, if any, challenge a player’s business prowess and connect them to assets and opportunities on the blockchain and the real world.

Geopoly aims to disrupt the market by challenging players to channel their inner capitalists and enter a metaverse that puts them in command of their own real estate empire — enabling them to collect assets and rewards both off-chain and on-chain.

Off or On? Why Not Both!?

Geopoly sets itself apart from other economic simulators with a 2 layer economic model that lets players build their business network both off and on-chain. The off-chain economy runs on its own game loop that features four principle actions: Build, Rent, Upgrade, and Sell. During a player’s opening session, they are given a free branch that provides them with the required Management Capacity (MC) to rent new businesses. These are real-life businesses that players can scout out using drones, and claim digital ownership of.

Eventually, players will be required to make investments to upgrade those businesses, thereby increasing the revenue they generate. Users will earn Experience Points (XP) with every completed upgrade and in doing so, level up the headquarters while earning themselves new branches. This earning model is known as the Virtuous Cycle, and it is designed to provide endless opportunities for players to grow the number of assets they acquire and their net worth in the game. Should you wish to speed up the process of expanding your real estate empire, you can do so using Gold, also known as hard cash.

Special Locations

Have you ever dreamed of owning an iconic landmark or building? Imagine having the digital rights to the Statue of Liberty or the Great Wall of China! Most aspiring real estate moguls would consider this a dream come true, but in Geopoly, we make that dream a reality. Players can purchase pre-minted NFTs of special locations and in doing so, earn more $GEO tokens in the process.

Explore, Expand, and Earn!

As mentioned earlier in this article, players can utilize drones to search for businesses in surrounding cities, but this is not where the exploration ends, it’s just the beginning. Players can also rent satellites to venture off and explore real cities around the globe. They can seek out new businesses to rent or buy and even deploy a drone into those city streets to find the ideal setting to open a new branch of their current business.

Remember, satellite rentals have a time limit, so while you’re encouraged to enjoy the scenery, it’s important to stick to the task at hand. After all, time is money, and wasting time will leave the door open for another player to scoop up that prime real estate.

Player vs. Player

For any entrepreneur to survive in the dog-eat-dog world of business, they need to be sharp, cunning, and at times, merciless. Building a business or real-estate empire doesn’t happen overnight. Some of the world’s most successful moguls faced off against professional adversaries with malicious intent. Only the strong survive when it comes to acquiring exorbitant amounts of wealth and power, and the same can be said for the environment of the Geopoly metaverse.

Players will have the opportunity to squeeze opponents out of the market by attacking their branches, hacking their networks, and stealing non-tokenized assets. The hacking is accomplished through the use of a special consumable currency that provides access to in-game hacking technology. So remember, as the saying goes, keep your friends close, and your enemies closer!

Get Ready to Conquer the Geopoly Metaverse

We wanted to give our users a new and exciting play-to-earn experience that puts their business instincts to the test. We believe that Geopoly contains all of the necessary components to keep players engaged and motivated to continue expanding their branches into new cities around the world. Our unique on and off-chain economy creates added value and more profit-earning opportunities, while the competitive element will bring out the best in our future digital real-estate tycoons.

Join Geopoly!

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