GEO Protocol is announcing a technical Partnership with exchange Codex One

Kyiv, Ukraine, April 2019

GEO Protocol, an open-source overlay protocol for cost-efficient, lightweight and scalable value transfer, is today announcing a technical partnership with, the licensed cryptocurrency and digital asset trading platform. cryptocurrency exchange is planning to integrate GEO Protocol after its mainnet release to enter new markets and access additional sources of liquidity. The protocol provides fast and secure transactions between multiple exchanges, using any asset, without waiting on external blockchain confirmations. This unique commercial advantage will be able to provide users with arbitrage opportunities across exchanges in the GEO network.

For now will be actively testing the GEO Protocol technology. In the future users of the exchange will be able to get access to new trading pairs and assets, and find their fairest exchange rates since the GEO Protocol routing algorithm gathers all current prices across the network. Furthermore, users will be able to react to trading opportunities faster; with GEO, settlement times between exchanges are just a few seconds.

The rest of the GEO network users will also have the opportunity to execute operations thorough, and to access its liquidity.

Sergii Vasylchuk, CEO of, said: “We are impressed with the inspiration and dedication of GEO Protocol’s team when working both with their partners and on their own projects. The core idea of building IoV is ambitious and promising. We are positive that future integration of GEO for our exchange will open new opportunities and bring convenience to our users.”

Max Demyan, CEO of GEO Protocol, commented: “Our team considers as a promising exchange, due to their approach to provide asset security using EdDSA API architecture, and their efficient matching engine. Additionally, we like their end user-focused attitude, providing customizable user-friendly interfaces and low fees. We are excited that is one of the first exchanges to integrate the GEO Protocol. We believe that our cooperation will be useful both for exchange users and for the GEO network.”

GEO Protocol is a decentralized P2P protocol that provides fast and secure multi-asset transfer. Its proprietary design connects exchanges, liquidity providers and traders in a global network, enabling seamless interaction between each other. The company’s technology solves the challenges cryptocurrency exchanges are facing, and creates new possibilities and unprecedented functionality.


GEO Protocol is an open-source Layer 3 technology that enables the creation of a global network of value transfer by connecting various providers of value exchange, both traditional finance and cryptocurrency (payment networks, exchanges, banks, monetary processing centers, wallet solutions, etc).

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