Prague Blockchain Week & Devcon 4 with GEO team

We are happy to share with you the excitement that the GEO Protocol team has experienced during Devcon 4, an immense annual conference for developers, organized by Ethereum.

We already shared a brief report about our team’s participation in the LongHash Crypto Festiva and the LongHash Hackathon 2018 on October 27–29 in Berlin, where we won the Second Reward!

So, right after those busy days in Berlin, it was time for our guys to go to Prague, this year’s Devcon’s host city.

Dmitriy Kovalchuk, Vitaliy Gataulin, Dima Chizhevsky, Max Demyan, Aleksei Korobeinikov and Sergey Onishchenko

It was the first time some of us visited Devcon as a team, and it was just amazing! We realized how huge and friendly Ethereum community is, and we were so lucky to meet and chat with all those incredible crypto enthusiasts, developers, and other projects members.

Besides the emotions we also have received tons of useful information.

The “Generalized Mining and Third-party Economy” event that was hosted by CoinFund contained valuable information on tokenomics and its development, that was of great interest for our project. The panel discussion involved members of CoinFund itself, as well as Cambrial Capital, MakerDAO, NuCypher, and others.

Sergey Onishchenko, Max Demyan and Oleg Golubov

We were also lucky to meet Dr. Mo Dong, the Co-founder of Celler Network, in person and discuss with his possible ways to solve the atomicity problem of cross-chain transactions.

Vitaly Gataulin, Dr. Mo Dong and Dima Chizhevsky

Our developers were also excited about the “ALGORAND Prague Blockchain Meetup”. Turing Award winner and an MIT professor Silvio Micali presented on the event. He talked about new and alternative blockchain system, that is more secure, fast, and scalable compared to the traditional ones. That sounded quite revolutionary!

ALGORAND Prague Blockchain Meetup

Overall, there were dozens of events which the members of the GEO team attended. And we were impressed by the amount of teams who work on technologies and solutions we are highly interested in. State channels, layer two, governance, identity, and many many other topics were highlighted. And we are happy that we are making our own contributions in the development of these and other disruptive fields with the GEO project.

To sum up, Prague Blockchain Week in general, and Devcon 4 in particular, brought us a lot of useful insights, valuable new connections, and of course vivid emotions. It felt like we were at the heart of R&D department of the whole blockchain industry. People there inhaled ideas and exhaled innovations. It is definitely the most important technological occasion for everyone who involved in the world of blockchain. It was fun, it was important, it was great!