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Geora x AgriDigital

At Geora we are constantly working to make the lives of farmers better, through digital tools that help agribusinesses and agtech companies offer better services to their farmer networks.

Hold up a second. This sounds complex.

Imagine it like this: giving a teacher access to better resources and tech, like computers and educational games, helps their students learn more, and eventually get more out of life. Geora does the same thing for farmers. We help farmers get more out of life, by providing agribusinesses with simple tools to support supply chain traceability and flexible finance for farmers.

One of Geora’s champion customers, AgriDigital, is doing exactly that.

AgriDigital and Geora launch integration to make blockchain mainstream for grain farmers

AgriDigital has launched an integration between their farmer product Waypath and Geora, ultimately empowering farmers to track and trace their grain deliveries using blockchain.

The integration enables farmers the ability to generate a digital record of their grain inventory on the blockchain when they make a grain delivery using Waypath.

AgriDigital CEO and Co Founder Emma Weston said this partnership is inextricably linked with the company mission to empower all customers, especially farmers with full control of their grain inventory.

“Waypath has provided farmers the ability to easily digitize and manage all aspects of their grain from field to payment. This visibility allows farmers to grow the value of their grain,” she said.

“By connecting farmers to blockchain through our Geora integration we are now enabling them to push key data about the grain to buyers who not only need this information but who also need to be able to rely on the integrity of this data.

“A grain buyer can then in turn pass this information further down the supply chain, all the way to the eventual consumer.”

AgriDigital doesn’t just see blockchain as limited to supply chain traceability.

“We are particularly excited about the potential for blockchain to streamline supply chain finance and introduce new forms of capital to the industry,” Ms Weston commented.

Focused on simplifying supply chains through blockchain, Geora CEO and Co Founder Bridie Ohlsson shares a view that integrations such as with Waypath will accelerate the pace at which farmers can access value beyond the farmgate.

“Together we can extend the reach of our products and the value they create across the whole supply chain.

“This integration will add value beyond managing grain inventories but also allowing Waypath farmers access to complementary solutions like traceability, finance and to be connected with the supply chain beyond simply selling their grain as a price taker,” Ms Ohlsson said.

AgriDigital is fast becoming one of the leading technology providers to the grains industry connecting physical inventory, supply chain data and finance. With a customer network of over 8,000 grain farmers, elevators, traders and processors, AgriDigital digitizes harvest, sales, trading, storage, logistics and payment across the entire grain supply chain.

Waypath, grown by AgriDigital, is an easy to use desktop and mobile app built by farmers, for farmers. The link between the field, the bin and the office, Waypath enables users to optimize the value of their grain.

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About Geora

Geora provides simple and secure technology for farmer networks to trace and finance global-agri supply chains. Geora’s blockchain-based infrastructure provides an application interface and APIs for the agri-food supply chain to bring together fragmented datasets and support farmers in accessing new markets and finance. As an industry and commodity agnostic platform, Geora provides the best of emerging technology to all farmers, anywhere.

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