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ello World! And welcome to the inaugural post on my new blog George vs Tech. There is an incredibly small chance you may have read one of my personal blog posts on my other site George vs Life where I write a (previously daily) blog about basically whatever is on my mind. But this is my newventure: a weekly blog specifically about technology.

And when I say ‘specifically about technology’, I mean it in a similar sense to how Dieter Bohn’s newsletter for the verge Processor is ‘a newsletter about computers’, it kind of is, but it’s also about much more than that. It’s computers/technology in the broadest sense of the word.

Given that this is an introduction post, let’s answer a few questions to start off with:

What sorts of things am I going to be writing about?

Basically anything that I find interesting or have a hot take on that is in any way related to technology. That might be hardware, software or the platforms that so much of our lives depend. It might be a review of the latest Apple device, a hot take on something going viral on Instagram, or a review of the current state of the streaming wars.

I’m particularly interested in the impact that technology has on business, culture and media, so expect to see a lot of posts around those themes.

Why weekly?

Well I’ve done the daily thing a lot over on my personal blog and I’ve seen that the quality tends to drop when I have to churn out content that often because I have a life and a job. I think I have a at least a couple of hot takes around something to do with technology every week (so let’s hope one of them is a good one!).

Why Medium?

Because I love Medium! I’m a paying subscriber, and I think it is genuinely the best platform for a hobby-ist blogger like me to actually find an audience, also I feel liek the Medium readerships leans fairly techie anyway. I’m also a big fan of Ev Williams, and I like seeing him do well. (plz be my friend Ev ❤ )

Why a blog and not a newsletter?

I’ve thought about this one quite a lot actually and whilst I’m a big fan of newsletters (shout out Morning Brew who are my fave). It goes back to that point about building an audience, I could start up a newsletter on Substack or Mailchimp, but I think the best way for me to find an audience, at least to begin with, is here on Medium. People can turn on notifications for my publication as well, and then it acts as basically the same thing, right?

Why now?

Well there’s this global coronavirus pandemic happening (not sure if you’ve heard about it?), which means that I, like many others, have been stuck at home consuming a lot more content than usual and I’ve had the urge to get back to writing again. Not only that but it feels like the virus is making society rely on technology a lot more, whether that’s delivery apps like Uber Eats, or videoconferencing apps like Zoom. This is all deeply interesting to me and makes me want to write about it all!

And finally: Why did I pick that header image?

I could have gone for some random stock image of an iPhone or a laptop, but this blog is going to be about so much more than just gadgets: It’s about how technology is changing the world. And well, I couldn’t think of a better picture to use than exactly that: The world. (Header image photo credit for today’s post and probably every future post goes to someone on

And that’s all I have for introductions! Thanks for reading, tune in next week for some actual #content.

Peace and love x

19th April 2020

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