Let’s Talk about Quarantine Social Media Trends

Featuring more than a few throwbacks

I promised myself that despite starting this blog during the COVID crisis, I wasn’t going to be another one of those blogs that shifts from their normal topic to just talking about the virus and making everyone feel sad because of it (anyone who subscribes to any tech/business podcasts know’s what I’m talking about. Are there any left that aren’t just all about the virus?!)

Alas, here I am going to talk to you today about social media trends in the time of the crisis. But we’re gonna make it fun! This is a look at social media and how our collective culture has been affected from being stuck indoors all the time.

Okay then let’s kick this off. I haven’t seen any numbers come out of Facebook/Instagram on this one, but oh my god how many more people are posting to insta stories nowadays?! They really stole Snapchat’s thunder a couple of years ago when they launched, but I find myself literally spending more time in stories than I do browsing the feed on Instagram, and I can barely remember the last time I opened Snapchat.

And this is of course due to the silly number of viral trends going round these days. Who would have thought that a global pandemic would bring the return of nominate challenges on social media?!

The best one by far that I’ve seen is this “Run 5, donate 5 and nominate 5”. Nearly everyone I know on Instagram has done this over the last 2 weeks. And what a trend! Getting people out of the house safely? tick. Getting people to exercise? tick. Getting people to donate to charity? TICK.

What’s not to love? (Apart from the fact that everyone is donating through the Virgin charity website which takes a fairly aggressive cut of donations). But it’s a net good for sure!

These are the trends that aren’t particularly interesting, I think people are just doing them out of pure boredom. The sorts of posts that might be interesting for you to post yourself, but isn’t at all interesting for everyone else to consume. Therefore: Meh.

I’m talking about the ones like #MeAt20. Who picked 20? Why 20? It’s actually pretty ageist because for someone who is 23 this isn’t an interesting trend at all, but if you’re 33, then this is gonna be a serious throwback and probably a lot of fun! It should have been: #Meat2010. Let’s see what everyone looked like 10 years ago, that’s a lot fairer for all involved.

Unfortunately I don’t start viral social media trends. But when you think about it: who does? Somebody had to start it somewhere without getting nominated.

Also categorized under “meh”: The ‘I’m gonna post one song every day for 30 days and make everyone listen to songs that I like’, and the almost bingo like ‘cross off all that apply to you!’ list which is inevitably a bunch of vague statements usually about a previous life at university or something so that everyone can feel interesting. MEH.

I can’t emphasize the following question enough. Why are people downing pints on social media and nominating people to do the same? I swear we left this trend back in 2013, why couldn’t it stay there?

This is just bad for all involved and the faster it dies down the better. It’s not fun to do or fun to watch, so WHY ARE PEOPLE DOING IT?!

I wouldn’t mind so much if this included a small donation to charity at the same time. Maybe that would prevent a couple of people I know from literally doing this multiple times.

And that’s it for this week! Apologies for the rant but I just really had to get that off my chest. I never thought I’d look forward to a world where we all just use Instagram to show off pictures of our pets and food again. I promise we’ll talk about gadgets next week.

Peace and love x

26th April 2020

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