My Body, My Pride

George Koranteng
2 min readDec 19, 2020


NB: Don’t look at the photographs,listen to the photographs.

Akosua Dankwa . Photo: ©George Koranteng,2020

Akosua Dankwa is a young Ghanaian woman who has so much pride, joy and dignity in being an African woman. She tells the story of how some people including women make discriminatory comments about her body and hair.

“The discrimination in corporate spaces is real! I have had some of my bosses tell me to my face to put my hair in braids or weave and not leave my afro out because it was unprofessional. To me, my natural hair forms part of my identity”, Akosua explains further as she twists her natural hair.

Akosua is a strong advocate for the rights of women. She wants to be an inspiration to other African women who have lost their sense of pride and identity.

“People need to find pride in their original self because there is so much power and energy in that”, Akosua.

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Shot and directed by ©George Koranteng,2020

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