Protests spot report 23–24 February 2022

Jan Tschada
Geospatial Intelligence
4 min readFeb 27, 2022


Moscow police arrested peaceful anti-war protesters

After a well-educated interior designer had unrolled an anti-war poster on Moscow's Pushkin Square on Wednesday afternoon, the Moscow police showed up within minutes. He and the peaceful demonstrators condemn the use of Russian troops to invade Ukraine. Russian police arrested other peoples who had spoken out peacefully against the invasion. These peaceful protests stand in strong contrast to the public reaction in Russia when Moscow annexed Crimea from Ukraine eight years ago.

“Chapeau to so much social morality by the Russian citizens. Those who express their opinions peacefully and risk unlawful police violence.”

Moscow, Russia as of 23 February 2022

Protests Resume Invasion Critics all over

Russian residents protested for the second night in a row across the country. On Friday evening, Russian citizens across the country took to the streets for the second night of nationwide protests against their country’s military assault on Ukraine. Thousands of Russians protested the Kremlin’s savage military assault in dozens of Russian cities, despite Russian authorities cracking down on demonstrations. The recorded news media of demonstrations from St. Petersburg showed hundreds of people assembled to call for peace in Ukraine.

St. Petersburg and Moskau, Russia as of 24 February 2022

Furious protesters in London “wake up and stop Putin now”

The British citizens heard the Ukrainian voices and were asking Boris Johnson to do more to help, but Russian officials warned of the consequences of those who took part in the anti-war protests in Moscow. Angry protesters in London are waking up and calling to stop the Russian invasion right now. Ukrainian protesters went to the city of London because they asked Britain to do more to prevent Vladimir Putin from taking over their country. The crowd sang the Ukrainian national anthem. Dozens of protesters also gathered outside the Russian embassy in Kensington early Thursday, waving flags and holding anti-war banners.

“Stop Putin! — Ukraine is not Russia!”

Western Europe as of 24 February 2022

Anti-war protest outside Russian embassy in Warsaw

Hundreds of people were protesting outside the Russian Embassy in Warsaw on Thursday to declare their opposition to the conflict and support with Ukraine. A demonstration against the war in Ukraine began in front of the Russian Embassy in Poland. Hundreds of people gathered opposite the Russian embassy building and show their support. Demonstrators are waving Ukrainian, Polish, and European Union flags and anti-war banners. On the same day Ukrainian authorities told that Russian troops started the invasion on the Ukrainian eastern, southern, and northern borders.

Warsaw, Poland as of 24 February 2022

China Calls Out Canadian Hypocrisy on Human Rights After Crushing Freedom Convoy

The Chinese embassy has once again tried to lecture the Canadian government. She accuses the government of hypocrisy. Canada has denounced the ruthless crackdown on Hong Kong's pro-democracy movement in 2019, but reportedly used similar tactics against the population. They used the current protest movement of the Freedom Convoy as an example. Canadian police used pepper spray, stun grenades and batons to disperse peaceful protesters who had been dominating downtown Ottawa.

According to the Chinese embassy, ​​such a blatant double standard is unacceptable. After China imposed its tyrannical national security law on Hong Kong in 2020 to stamp out the pro-democracy movement, Canada became a popular destination for Hong Kong refugees. Beijing and its Hong Kong government are increasingly concerned about the loss of talented and well-educated residents fleeing to Canada and other democratic countries around the world.

Ottawa, Canada as of 23 February 2022


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