Gotta HIVE ’em all!

How a team of four shook up the whole GNSS market in Russia and created the biggest satellite data provider in less than one year.

The Russian land surveying market is very conservative. And there are some reasons for that. Land surveying in Russia is like a craft, which is transferred through generations — from a father to a son. So, experienced surveyors say that there are no strangers within this profession. On the other hand, a Russian Federal law that regulates the field of geodesy and cartography is also quite “old-fashioned”. It doesn’t cover the use of new GNSS technologies, contains a lot of bureaucracy, and it leaves in place secrecy. You can feel, in such conditions there is not much place for innovations. However, we disrupted this market in 2014 and still doing a high-technology business that we are proud of.

Wind of change

… for an old-fashioned market

While introducing HIVE to the market, we worked with a concrete problem — satellite data availability. We were eager to change the market because we were doing something that nobody was doing before. We connected professional players: satellite data users and GNSS reference station owners. That was our mission from the early beginning.

Let’s build a ground-based GNSS infrastructure together! — DMITRII KISLENKO, the head of HIVE.

And the professional community resonated with our approach. Reference station owners wanted to have a free reference station management software including NTRIP Caster that will allow the others to buy satellite data from them. I’ve told a bit more about our approach in the recent blog post: “HIVE. Does everyone really need their own reference station?

Another thing that we cared about was design and user experience. We believe that even hardcore professional services and software should be easy-to-use and bring a great user experience. That’s why every tiny detail at HIVE is polished up to clarify the user journey for each workflow state. Our users notice that as well. We believe that HIVE has the most beautiful and user-friendly interface among the other products in the market. And this is another reason why people choose it as a powerful tool for working with satellite data (RTK-corrections and RINEX files).

HIVE workspace.

Thanks to these hacks we connected more than 150 reference stations in our first year and became the biggest satellite data provider in Russia. Right now 250 reference stations from 60 regions are connected to HIVE.

Moscow never sleeps

… as well as our competitors

Of course, our Western partners (as Putin always ironically says) mentioned the change and tried to copy HIVE. Some of them gave up after a while, some of them are still kind of functioning. The others adopted our idea for their own business. That also revealed in their website design.

Our colleagues (on the right) copied the way we presented our metrics: the number of reference stations connected, the number of Russian regions covered.

However, the most companies in the market have a different business model. They deploy GNSS reference stations and form networks using an out-of-the-box software.

From our perspective, Joint Stock Company Russian Space Systems benchmarking is the most noticeable so far. And it’s a huge government company, by the way. Instead of cooperation, they decided to create their own HIVE with blackjack and… It doesn’t work well so far, but anyway, we are open to collaboration.

There are no competitors. There are partners. — Sergei Sorokin, the CEO of Industrial Geodetic Systems R&D.

So, if you want to connect your reference station to HIVE, get additional information or give us feedback — leave your comments, reach us on social media or drop us an email at

We are always open for a dialogue!

And don’t worry about the vase

… worry about your customers

With a course of time, we saw that customer behavior changed a lot. As we started, the most important customer pain was to get an access to a GNSS reference station in a region of works and download satellite data. They had got it and asked for more.

The rise of new demands.

Today, our users don’t want only satellite data or software for a reference station. They want a bunch of services that help to do their everyday job more efficiently. We see that and reflect user needs. HIVE is a flexible and powerful platform. In our vision, it’s a basis for new products and services. Here are some of them:

  • team accounts for enterprises;
  • advanced dashboard for reference station owners;
  • rover tracking service;
  • cloud NTRIP caster.

You’ve already mentioned that HIVE is operating only in Russia. So far. And there are no reference stations connected to HIVE outside the country. That’s why we would like to put more attention to our newest service Pylon. Pylon is a cloud NTRIP caster that works worldwide.

NTRIP delivers GNSS data streams to multiple users without the need of a static IP address on the reference station. NTRIP is an industry standard protocol supported by virtually any GNSS survey controller. Pylon implements an essential part of NTRIP infrastructure — NTRIP Caster, an Internet-accessible data relay.

Other market players offer to download and set up software to get an access to their NTRIP casters. We see this approach as a too old school one. We are making Pylon as an easy-to-use SAAS that will help our users to effortlessly set up and work from a mobile reference station or a temporary one.

Check it out here and be the first to test it!

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